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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me- Project Runway 2, Episode 10

It took me ages to actually get this re-cap going, because I was in complete denial for nearly a week. There's no point in doing the re-cap as if we don't know why I'm sad. My favorite designer from day one was aufed in place of poor construction...that, we will get to later!

Moving on...

The episode begins with reactions to Andrae's aufing from the Garden Party episode. Santino's split personalities are upset about it and Kara and Chloe miss him already.

We say goodbye to Danyelle and it was the first time that a model has shown real emotion on the runway. Last week, Tarah's aufing was sad, but Danyelle had me going on this episode. It probably has something to do with why she became a model which Andrae mentioned in an interview here

Makes sense to me...I don't see her having problems getting work though, she is sort of stunning.

Heidi tells our designers that they will be giving makeovers to each other, and just to be completely repetitive, I'll tell everyone who is making over whom...

Santino will makeover Kara
Kara will makeover Santino
Nick will makeover Daniel
Daniel will makeover Chloe
Chloe will makeover Nick

You clear now? Good, cuz I'm not.

The designers get a push in their budget to $200 for fabric and we learn that Santino is going to be more preppy, Kara is going to be less granola, Nick wants to be more Eurotrash and wants Daniel to join him, and Chloe is going to be a fun party girl. Dirty Chloe??

I can see it now...
From here, Nick starts sewing first and the other designers are all like "I can't believe Nick is sewing already!" and Nick is all "Step it up bitches..."

And everyone knows that whenever a designer claims to be having no problems with the challenge, Heidi is going to be all "Auf Wiedersehen" to you. If only foreshadowing weren't always so correct...

On the bonus side, we get to see Daniel V in little white sample pants. Thanks for sewing so fast Nick!

We see our designers working their way through the makeover garments and Santino starts saying some vulgar (if you are Michael Kors, please note the correct usage of this word) things about feces and turds.

I begin thinking that maybe Santino is seriously lacking sleep, or crazy. I mean he is wearing an old woman's nightgown for half the show.

I bet that's how he got that lady to flip him the bird during the Inspiration episode...he stole her clothing.

Aside from Santino's bad fashion choices for himself, we learn during this episode that Andrae really was the glue that held 35D together. Back at the apartments, Daniel and Nick team up against Santino and his turds. It's rather high school, but can you really blame them? I miss Andrae :(

He doesn't like turd talk either.

During his revolt against Santino's humor, Nick utters the ever loveable phrase "Oy Gevalt!" Except that since Nick isn't a Jewish mother, it came out as "Oy Gevoits". During a bonus video on the Bravo website, Nick also refers to a penis as a "schlong" I sensing an identity crisis here? A Jewish mother he's not, but I love him for trying!

I miss the Timpressions of yesteryear...where did the funny Santino go?

"Are these space pants?"

"No, why?"

"Because my ass is out of this world."

Oh, there he is! This is debateable on acutally being funny, but I laughed.

Our designers are informed that during the hair and makeup portion of their makeovers, they will be allowed to use the services of Collier Strong.

Hot Makeup Guy? Awesome!

Hot Makeup Guy proceeds to compare Santino to Brad Pitt in an off-hand sort of way. This just goes to prove that hot doesn't always equal intelligent...or sane for that matter.

He then proceeds to make googly eyes at Nick and calls him pretty. I agree!

Let's hit the runway...

Santino makes an awful jumpsuit thingy for Kara:

Kara makes Santino this rather cool Santino-ish outfit w/ Madras Pants. Somehow, it works:

Nick is hot Eurotrash in Chloe's outfit:

Chloe looks sort of squat in Daniel's:

And finally, Daniel in Nick's suit. Super Eurotrash:

So the judges assure us viewers that they are completely blind and auf Nick under the pretense that his suit for Daniel was too feminine. Was it feminine? Yes. Was it so feminine that it looked worse then Santino's falling apart jumpsuit for Kara? I think not!

I thought that Nick's suit actually looked quite high fashion...especially on Daniel. When he walked down the runway I felt that the suit would have been in similar company during a Fashion Week show.

But alas, an ill-fitting jumpsuit with one good sleeve beat it out. I understand that the producers want Santino for the "TV effect" but this is the first time I've thought the judges were really wrong. In the past Santino was kept over other designers that were expendable. Nick, not so much. Warning: I'm getting on my soapbox. It make me taller and smells pretty.

Nick has been my favorite designer since the first episode with his muslin piece. From that point forward, his designs were consistently stunning and so feminine and gorgeous! Nick's future is so bright and I can't wait to see what he has in sotre for us in the future. I feel like the viewers were cheated by not getting to see a collection from Nick at Fashion Week and I can only hope that next year he gets his own show at Bryant Park.

So I had both Nick and Andrae in my top three and apparantly, if I'm a fan of yours, you're screwed! Sorry Daniel? Next week, we find out our top three and find out what supermodel our designers will be making a dress for. Until then...auf wiedersehen;)

We'll miss you Nick! My Wednesdays won't be the same...


Blogger eric3000 said...

Sorry you lost Nick. I felt the same way when Emmett left. I think I got over it faster, though, because I knew ahead of time he was probably out because of those stupid Bravo promos. Nick was a bigger shock.

And I totally laughed at the stupid "space-pants" joke. I mainly found Kara's reaction funny; like she had no idea what he was talking about. Maybe that joke isn't as old in South Africa.

3:25 PM, February 13, 2006  
Blogger Donny B said...

Hey, I really like your blog (found it through Blogging Project Runway) and your recaps, both for PR and fashion in general, are great.

I felt the same way about Nick. His very first outfit was fantastic, much better than Santino's baby doll dress. They called up the 4 designs they didn't like and Santino, so they had room for one more...where was Nick? Disappointing that they ignored him from the beginning. And that jumpsuit...ugh...don't get me started.

As much as I would have loved to have seen Nick's FW collection, I was also pleasantly shocked by Kara's! Although it felt slightly derivative of Jay's (matching hats, multi-layered skirts with each layer a different color, etc), it managed to be funky and elegant at the same time. Impressive.

12:43 AM, February 16, 2006  
Blogger AJ said...

Wow, I have readers!

Hey eric:)

And welcome donny b. Thanks for your sweet words...I'm sharing my opinions w/ the world.

I still miss Nick :(

3:31 PM, February 16, 2006  

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