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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Dork Button is on High Alert Today!

So I workout almost everyday because I'm trying to lose weight...blah, blah, blah...and the gym I go to has an abundance of hotties. One of them is a manager there and so it's about a daily occurence that we interact. He's pretty cute and a bit flirty with me, but I'm just mildly attracted to him.

So today, my brain is not functioning at its normal, snarky level and my English isn't quite coming out properly. I'm guessing it has to do with exhaustion, but that's not the point of the story...I go to get my keys from behind the desk and he's there with one of the girls who works there. I say hi and tell them which number I'm on and he gets them for me. Apparantly in the proccess the girl accidentally elbowed him, and he hands me my keys and goes "I hope you know I took an elbow to get these" and smiles.

My witty switch was set on "duh" or something because after saying thanks once, I paused to think of something cute to say. Instead, I said something to the affect of "I thank you" with a head nod and a gurgle because I'm feeling a little phlemmy today.

Yeah, I gurgled...

More then likely it sounded worse to me then to anyone else, but I felt like a comlete nerd and wonder how I can be so on point with my comebacks and flirting at times, yet so off-kilter at others.

I walked to my car doing mental head slaps and completely aware that I was overreacting.

But isn't it strange how sometimes you just can't get what you want to say out of your mouth? I think of myself as a relatively intelligent and funny person who is quite stellar at witty banter of any kind. So how come certain people and certain days can just strip my ability to be cool?

Nerves, sleepiness and phlem can make people (me) sound super lame...

...when in doubt, blame the gurgle. I know that's what I'm doing...


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