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Friday, February 03, 2006

What Happened To Andrae? --Project Runway 2, Episode 9

What Happened to Andrae?

That’s the theme of this episode, and consequently this recap…

When we last left our designers, Zulema had just alienated a group of people into thinking she was Satan before swiftly being booted from the competition. We begin this episode with Nick telling everyone “Don’t go out like Zulema.” I agree; alienation is overrated.

Cut to Heidi on the runway explaining the next challenge. (I’m sorry, but is she not the cutest pregnant woman ever?) So we’re designing dresses for a garden party. My first reaction was that all the speculation was wrong and that actual plant life would have a limited involvement.

I was wrong…

My next reaction was how badly Tarah got screwed out of this competition. I mean, she is stunningly gorgeous and a great model, so I don’t see her having problems with her future, but that’s just me.
Before we move on to the disaster that was this challenge, I have to make note of how adorable and brotherly the guys of 35D are.

What happened to Andrae? Oh, he’s behind Nick’s hat.

Taking pics on the roof was so watchable…and seeing them turn the lights out before bed. I’m overwhelmed with cuteness.
“Good night John Boy.”

Where exactly does this one sleep?

Anyway, Tim shows up at 6AM to take them on a field trip. I’m still thinking that the field trip might be for inspiration. Maybe it’s denial. Maybe it’s the wine I was drinking…

They go to the plant district, which is kind of like the garment district, but smellier. This is when my delusions go down the toilet. Our designers are going to be making a garden party dress out of what else?...why, garden of course!

So with $100 to spend and three different shops, the designers are set loose. The montage of plant and flower purchases was spliced to induce humor, but I was most amused by Santino exclaiming, “I love Planthouse.”

Was anyone else reminded of the scene in Anchorman when Brick loves random things?

“Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?”

“I love lamp.”

And didn’t our designers look a smidge like homeless folk pushing those carts around?

So Daniel V. says that he’s only been doing fashion design for three years.


Chloe said it best when teasing him for being good at everything.

Oh, just kidding. Basketball is not a forte Daniel V. is inclined in.

Apparently foliage is fun! Our designers start sketching and what not to get their garments going, but the most entertaining and notable parts of the workroom came in conversation…

Daniel talks about coming out to his parents, as teeny boppers across the country feel their hearts break in half. But seriously, it was nice to catch a glimpse of the designers discussing real life issues.

After school special over…it’s time for some Timpressions!

But first, Kara makes a comment about all the green around her and saying that she’d rather smoke it.
Wha?? No wonder she’s always so nice…

Does your red shirt match your eyes?

Okay, Timpressions…

“What happened to Andrae?”

In Santino’s little world, Tim and Andrae are having a love affair that only takes place at Red Lobster.

Yeah, this Red Lobster…

Or this one…

No, I lied, this one...

Somehow I don’t see Tim

Yes, this Tim…

I don’t see him frequenting Red Lobster much…or ever for that matter.

Tim proceeded to call Santino out on the impressions, and he didn’t look too keen on being associated with this:

But nevertheless, the moments were classic! That and Santino might be insane.

We still don’t know what happened to Andrae though…

The designers get ready to hit the runway and at this point I kind of give up. I know that this challenge is going to be detrimental to one of my favorites so I went into complete denial.

I know right!

The dresses all ended up beautiful.

Daniel V. won again...

…and rightfully so. The detailing on his garment was pretty intricate and Rebecca looked fab in it!

The judges (including Badgley Mischka) talk the most about Nick's. BM says that it looks like something Paris Hilton would wear while Michael Kors refers to Nick's designs as vulgar...

Judges, this is Nick:

THIS is vulgar...

Are we beginning to understand?

Very Good...

Either way, my worst fears are realized. Nick and Andrae are the bottom two!

I know right?!

We all know how this ends up. What happened to Andrae?

I think he got screwed over by a poorly timed challenge, but I’m mildly biased since he was in my top three. So Andrae is out and we have our top five with Daniel V. as an assured top four.

Next week…our designers get a makeover!

By each other!


What happened to Andrae?

Hopefully he’ll go on to fame, fortune and fabulousness, natch.

Andrae, you were a joy to watch and will be sorely missed.


Blogger Tbone said...

Great screen caps - that Red Lobster food looks scaringly similar to Santino's shelacked dress. I'm thinking hew as using that fantasy as his Garden Party inspiration!

9:13 AM, February 04, 2006  
Blogger Phil said...

OMG, that photo of Paris (it is Paris, isn't it?) scratching her nasty ol' crotch is HYSTERICAL!!! Why, oh, why do she and her nitwit sister continue to be celebrities? They just charged 2 grand to get into their Superbowl party last week, here in Detroit.

11:11 PM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know what Michael Kors is thinking. he is crazy for calling Nick's designs as vulgur.

10:41 AM, February 11, 2006  
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