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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wiping off the dust...

So I started to clean my room's so not a cute project!

I'm cleaning in order to redecorate the space and actually make it mine. I'm a 23-year old female and the room looks identical to how it looked when I moved in. My brother lived in it prior to my move in some ten years ago. And no lie, there is rocket ship paper still adourning the walls.

I realized that it still looks like a 10-year old boy lives there. There is no 10-year old living there! At least not that I know of...I haven't looked under the bed lately...

Anyway, I'm trying to change the room so that it is actually a space that reflects me. I want to take down said wallpaper, paint the walls and organize my ridiculous amounts of clothing. I'm also trying to create a space to set up my sewing machine and start making things again. I miss designing and hopefully having a space that is my own will help :)

Turns out that there is a ridiculous amount of dust my room. I'm sort of disgusted by the fact that I had no clue how much dirt I've been around for so many years. YUCK! So here I am making it all better and swallowing a ton of dust in the mean time.

Anyone remember Atari's?

Yeah those Atari's. There were TWO of them sitting on the top shelf in my room!

No joke, they haven't been remotely looked at in years. Embarassing!!

How much do you think they'd go for on eBay? Maybe Antiques Roadshow is coming to town soon *shrugs*

Tomorrow is another day of cleaning out the crap and then next weekend comes the wallpaper removal...dun dun dun!

Mucho exciting ;)


Blogger ctrl-freak said...

depending on the condition of the atari's and how many cartridges you have for them, they could get you like $50 bucks each.

8:16 PM, February 13, 2006  

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