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Thursday, February 16, 2006

You Can't Buy Good Taste- Grills Edition

So who thought that making diamond encrusted retainers was a good idea?

I can sort of understand the idea of a gold or platinum tooth. I can even sort of understand the idea of multiple teeth. I don't think it's attractive and my understanding of it doesn't make it an "okay" investment, but I understand it nonetheless.

What I cannot wrap my mind around (and believe me, my mind is rather vast) is "grills"...or is it "grillz" with a "z"?

Anyway...when I think of grills, or grillz, I think of barbecuing or cooking outdoors if you will.

To an extent I think of George Foreman and the simplicity he has brought to my life.

When I think of grills, I might think of the front end of a car. ie: Cadillac grills

What I don't think of when I hear someone speaking of grills are teeth and diamonds.

I'm not sure how this concept came about, but I do know we lay almost all of the blame on Paul Wall. Don't know who he is? Yeah, neither do I, so here's a lovely photo...

Cute right? My mom would love him.

And those shiny, sparkly things on his teeth...those are grills.

I know right?!

WTF? That's all I got...just wtf?

On top of these things being absolutely repulsive in nature, they are ugly to look at, serve absolutely NO purpose and are insanely expensive!

I get that people want to show off their "bling" and what not, but whatever happened to rings? Maybe a necklace? I can deal with those massive chains with unnecessarily big pendants...I can even deal with the diamond encrusted goblet.

I'd like to thank Lil' John for the visual

Grills I don't understand.

And now, Nelly has rapped a song about grills and how cool they are. I generally like Nelly, but this song sucks.

It's awful. Grills are awful.

If a guy came up to me and was trying to talk to me with all that crap in his mouth, I'd walk the hell away. I might try to convince him to give me the grills first (after a good hosing down), so I could sell them or reset the diamonds into something normal...but I'd still walk the hell away.

On another note...can they even talk with them in?

To me, on top of looking stupid, they look like retainers. I associate retainers with kids and bad teeth.

I see grills and think that they'd make a 6th grader look really really pimp. You'd get all kinds of 6th grade tootie with those in...

Unfortunately, we have grown men wearing them and it's a complete fashion epidemic.

Grills, please go away. What happened to the good old days of hip-hop when wearing a huge clock around your neck was new and edgy?

Instead, we have this:

That's about all I got on these stupid things.

My teeth hurt just looking at them...


Blogger Unknown said...

i dont think its such a bad idea to have grillz as long as you can afford it.


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7:12 AM, February 01, 2010  

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