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Friday, March 10, 2006

God Save the QUEEN

I can officially say that I have seen Queen in concert!

Granted, there was a major hole in the concert in the impressive form of the fabulous Freddie Mercury, but it was still a kick ass experience! Paul Rodgers of Bad Company stood in for Freddie (my idol) during most of the songs...

We got a really good mix of Queen and Bad Company and some generally kick tootie songs I didn't know. Brian May is an insanely amazing guitarist too! He had a lot of solos while Paul Rodgers changed into different colored wife beaters (????) but it was worth it because he's one of the best!

Now, I went ot the bathroom twice during the concert and missed almost ALL of "Fat Bottomed Girls" which is not only one of my faves, but a song I can relate to too boot! That sort of pissed me off, THEN I missed the first part of Bohemian Rhapsody! HELLO?! Who goes to the pisser during Queen???? Stupid wine I drank before the show...

During Bohemian Rhapsody, the producers of the concert showed how smart they are and why they get paid the big bucks. Paul Rodgers was MIA and instead I, and the rest of the audience, was treated to a video (montage and performance) of Freddie singing while the rest of the musicians played live. It was INCREDIBLE!!!

The clips of old school Queen were really great, and seeing Freddie Mercury on screen had me going really hard. I can't even lie...I nearly cried several times.

Two words...a...mazing!

Everyone has their idols and celebs (dead or alive) that they would want to have dinner with given the opportunity. For me, one of them is Marilyn Monroe and the other is Freddie Mercury. He was the most amazing live performer there ever has been and his magentism on stage will probably never be rivaled. I only wish that I could have seen him before his untimely death.

The concert was really great though and I'm so glad I randomly decided to get the tickets. I took my mom for her birthday and Christmas (they were expensive yo!) and we had a good time together...always do!

If you are a Queen fan and have a chance to catch this concert, definitely do it! It was an unreal experience and every moment was perfection!


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"Under Pressure" is my ring tone.

9:54 AM, March 14, 2006  

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