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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Irish For a Day...'s March!

You know what that means? It's springtime for one thing, but it also means that St. Patty's Day is near, and THAT means that the Erin Express is going down...

For those who don't know, the Erin Express is a day when several different bars in Philly open at 9am and a school bus rides from bar to bar, providing EE revelers with many different options.

This past weekend was week one of two of the Erin Express' for 2006, and yours truly was front and center:)

This year was much the same as last, we got to Cavanaugh's (where everyone and their mother comes eventually) at 9am.



9am is the perfect time. They just open, you can chill and digest your breakfast and stake out the perfect spot for maximum exposure to all things Erin. So our perfect spot consisted of two booths right next to the dance floor...perfect, no?

We ended up not leaving Cav's for the second year in a row. With a majorly decent seating arrangement, practically everyone we knew stopping by to chill at our booths, and the free beer they brought, I saw no reason to leave.

The following are pics of our drunken progress through the day...or at least until 6:30 when I decided McDonald's and a nap would be the perfect end to the perfect Erin;)

Meredith (my sis) and I pre-alcohol...clearly...

First beer of the day w/ my best girlfriends!

Shots of beer are great is flip cup...and beer pong...and quarters...

My baby sister is getting wasted...

Apparantly so am I...who thought those glasses were a good idea?

More shots of beer...




God, I love my sister.

From this point forward, my face got more red and shiny, my hair curled up and the pictures proceeded into the realm of unattractive...

See? Red...check. Shiny...check. Curly...check!

It was only about 3 o'clock too. Thank god for McDonalds, cuz I ate that and was sober again. Then I was tired. That's how to party hard with no hangover!

Sober up and then pass out;)

If anyone ever gets the opportunity, hit the Erin Express in Philly in March. It's there every year and always a lot of fun!

My liver hates me...


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