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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Irish For a Night... Project Runway 2, Finale Part 2

So this is a week bad.

I've been busy interviewing w/ the Washington's to hoping I can leave my crap ass job!

Anyway, enough about me...let's talk about Project Runway!

It's over!

That sucks!

What am I going to do with my Wednesday nights? Having a life is so overrated!

Okay, my apologies...back to the recap of the finale. Although the finale was a little boring, no? I can't lie...I was atwitter with anticipation the whole time, but I felt as though it was anti-climactic.

Yes we have a winner and that's always a bit exciting, but it just sort of happened. Like I was sitting there, Chloe wins and it's over. Kind of like when I'm sitting on the couch and my dog climbs on my knees and hoists into my lap without me noticing. All of a sudden I look down and there's 40 lbs of fur in my did that happen??

So I did Chloe win? Okay, that's a silly question. Chloe won because the seams on her garments were impeccable over Santino and Daniel V. Example:

Santino's is on the left and Chloe's is on the right. Now, while I respond better to Santino's design, it's clear that Chloe's is constructed better.

So I'm going out on a limb and saying that Chloe got lucky...hence the posts title. Before anyone gets up in arms, hear me out...

Chloe was a distant third going into the finale. This is even after the majority of curious fans saw the Fashion Week pics online and knew what they would be seeing come March 8th.

I personally had a hard time choosing between Santino and Daniel as the better collection, but knew one thing....I did not like Chloe's garments. They were 80's, poofy and shiny. And while I'm usually attracted to shiny objects, I just couldn't get into the looks.

Now I held off my final judegement until I saw all the garments in motion and I was right in thinking that my opinions would change.

Interjecting note on personal life: I got the job!!!! I resigned from my crap job today and am starting the new one in two weeks! Fa' real?!

Okay, once again, back to the Runway.

On video Chloe's garments were stunning...still 80's...but stunning nonetheless. They moved well and looked consistent.

The lucky part is coming in the form of our lovely and talented judges. I have always said that depending on thier mood, it could be a win for anyone. Santino won the muslin challenge, but in my opinion, Nick's orange dress was far superior to all the other garments.

Unfortunately, I'm not a judge on Project Runway and don't pick winners. If I were and I did, I would have picked Daniel's. It's not cuz he's cute or whatev...I really liked his collection. I saw both the military and japanese influences and thought it was fashion forward and still wearable.

The judges proceeded to contradict themselves all episode...most apparant was their critique of Santino. Figure it out we want the whickety-whack or not?

It's been weeks since the finale...Top Chef is on, I've been watching Top Model and I'm STILL confused.

Okay, now it's been months since the finale...the new season begins tonight. I'm clearly not going to finish this post. Sorry! But that's life.

I do plan on blogging about the new season, so there's that, right? My new job is keeping me busy but I'll get to that in another post.

This post is basically



Blogger clara13 said...

well~~~i did like chloe's collection, unfortunately. Stunning (is it 80's?)i don't have problem with that at all. Knowing her theme's, i think is quiet clever of her to use shinning materials. Don't get me wrong, everyone wants attention. You will not probably coming to a party while not being notice at all! The theme is suitable for all things she consider in. For Daniel's, a nice collection as i can said, but still i didn't get the military things and asians things. Don't get me wrong, cos i'm asian, i know better than anyone about asians fashions.At the end, i should said bravo for all the finalist!

1:37 AM, April 04, 2008  

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