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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Okay, so I watch The Idol...

I kind of can't help it.

I began watching during Season One because I sing and I wanted to watch other people sing. I've even pondered trying out, but wanted to take lessons first...which I'm actually doing now:) I've been sucked into this season like a vacuum. It's much like the vacuum that has sucked me in for each previous season.

Okay, I lied. There's no vacuum. I am an American Idol fan. I watch it each week like a total nerd and dammit...I enjoy it. I get goose bumps when the good singers are on and I cringe when it's crappy. The whole nine.

This season of the Idol has provided viewers with a few noteable characters which I've been feeling a dire need to discuss...and so I will.

The talent is pretty good this year, but there are the typical pretty, bad singers. You know, they're pretty, but not especially of them got the boot last week. Peace out Maxim Barbie.

Mandisa kind of rocks really hard. She's sort of great. On top of being a darn fine singer, she called Simon out on his comments about her weight. Good girl!

Paris Bennett is the cutest thing I've ever, she's severely talented.

Kellie Pickler is cute for about .2 seconds...her "aw shucks" demeanor is starting to grate on me. She'll probably make top twelve, but I don't see her going too far.

Katherine McPhee is pretty awesome too. She can sing her tootie off and is really pretty. She's very girl next doorish without being annoying.

Ayla Brown...I dunno why, but I like her. Yeah, she can sing, but on top of that I just like her. But still...dunno why.

The guys this year can sing better as a group then any in previous years. Plus, they're either really hot, really adorable, or really good. Sometimes they're all three...

Kevin Covais is the cutest flipping thing I've ever seen! He sang Josh Groban in his auditions and nailed it...last night he sang "Heard it Through The Grapevine" and his awkward dancing made him that much more adorable.

William Makar: It's a shame I'm not 15 because he'd be the love of my young teenage life. Same with David Radford. PS- there was this funny moment last night where Seacrest tried to disrobe Will...I cried for him a little. They're both decent singers and charming to boot. But, since I'm no longer 15 there's...

Ace Young...who didn't see that one coming. I have mixed feelings on this one. Yes, he can sing. Yes, he's great looking. But to me right now, he's cookie cutter. If I wanted to open an American Idol bakery, I'd serve Ace-shaped cookies. Last night, the judges said he's better then he's letting on, and I hope that's true, because I'd like him to really wow know...with his singing... Last thing on him, I swear...last weeks song selection ("Father Figure" by George Michael) was a tad on the creepy's a good thing he's cute!

See? Cookies...

Chris Daughtry: Firstly, he is married and adopted his wife's children...hello?! Look up Perfect Man in the dictionary. It's this guy. He's got the look...the look, being hot, and can sing as well. He's got this growly thing that totally works. He's an early fave.

I also have mixed feelings on Taylor Hicks...I think he's a great singer with a cool style of singing that Idol hasn't seen before, but the I find him difficult to watch. The twitching is sort of cool but a little irksome at the same time. I dig the guy though.

Elliot Yamin is sort of local to here and has been on the morning show I listen to twice because they play in Richmond too...but on top of these things he's probably the best singer on the show right now. His voice has a really great tone and he's picking good songs. Another early fave.

Sorry I didn't touch on this point, I can't care about them all. I don't even really care who moves on...I just think there are some noteworthy personalities. If you want a total recap, check out judge jru. He's pretty funny and goes into detail.

So, those are my thoughts on the Idol...I know, who cares, right? I'm gonna keep watching though;)


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