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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wiping Off The Dust parts 2, 3, 4 and 5

So these past two weeks, I've been slave laboring and redecorating/renovating my room in all of my free time. Turns out it's effing hard!

#1: If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, ever suggests to you that wallpaper is a good idea, I want you to find a gun and threaten that person with bodily harm until they retract said wallpaper statement. Now, I've never put wallpaper up, but taking it down is my equivalent to hell. The fact that most of the drywall came off with it makes it even worse.

# of times I cried: 2

#2: This wallpaper hell is followed closely by sanding! My father is a relatively handy guy and he's been helping me immensely. But, and there is one...he's in his 60's and recently hurt his knee falling on ice. I can't feel bad for him since he absolutely REFUSES to see a doctor, but that's neither here nor there. This past weekend, he put wall puddy in all of the little holes around the room and the spots that the satanic wallpaper ripped. Turns out there were A LOT of spots. I went in the next day to sand said spots flat. I was sweating profusely, wearing a smelly mask, fogging up my sunglasses (gotta protect the eyes) and getting thoroughly dirty. I wasn't happy. I wasn't built for slave labor. I'm Jewish and live in Maryland. I can't relate to all this construction stuff.

# of times I cried: 1

#3: We ripped up the carpeting so that we could lay wood flooring down and that actually ended up being really fun. On top of getting to hack the carpet into pieces with a knife, I also got to take up the takcstrips that held the carpet down. This involved a crow bar and leverage...and hell if that shit wasn't SERIOUSLY therapeutic! I was popping those strips up with was great!

# of times I cried: 0...unless you count cries of awesomeness

#4: This brings us to painting...which I'm still in the process of doing. The ceiling was a helluva pain in my behind. Then the trim was a helluva pain in my behind...and guess what! So are the walls! Yesterday, my dad popped open the wall color which is sort of a dark mauve, and tried to convince me that it was orange! I'm at work and kind of wigged a little because, really, who wants an orange room? But the color is actually really nice and with a pink tinted cream trim & dark wood flooring it'll look really pretty.

# of times I cried: 1/ a bit frustrated but kept my cool.

Tonight the painting should be finished and tomorrow I'm taking off work to lay the flooring. Hooray!

I'm going to take about three million pictures once we're done...and you best believe there will be a before and after on this shiz!

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