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Friday, July 28, 2006

Taste is Such a Strong Word - Project Runway, Season 3 - Episode 3

This post could have been titled a variety of things...

Like Doggy Style...

...or Canine Design...

...or Poochie Print...

...or even, Birthday Magic (cuz some kind of fairy god mama was looking over BB's shoulder)

But I thought, with all the talk on good and bad taste, and of course those with non-existent taste, that this was more appropriate.

Now, before I delve into what was the most adorable episode of PR ever (asside from Andrae montages, of course...but that would be far too much splicing for one epi), I want to talk about what's better...bad taste, or no taste at all?

I am leaning toward no taste. I guess I'd rather look at something boring, rather then something ugly. Even if said boring piece was made badly. At least I didn't feel mildly nauseous after looking at it. More on this later...

There are small dogs EVERYWHERE!

How exciting!

I love dogs!

I have three...Bailey, Baxter and Winnie the Poodle. Bailey and Winnie are both standard poodles, and Baxter is some sort of hybrid puppy. Sounds better then mutt, no?

Tim instructs the designers to design something inspired by their dogs. How hot is that? They are also to come up with a story about said dog and base the design off of that.

If my dog were to inspire a design, I can't even imagine how it'd look.

My Winnie...

...yeah, that Winnie...

...hangs out at frat parties...

Party Animal

...chills with Tigger (get it? Winnie the POO(H)dle...)...

...and HATES it when I carry her!

(There was glass on the floor, I was doing her a favor!)

She's not very awe inspiring for fashion, but fortunately for our designers, their dogs were!

On top of being REALLY cute, our designers dogs sort of resembled the designers they ended up with. JudeKeith noticed this first (I think..maybe it was Jeffrey) and hell if he's not right!

So, Laura hates dogs, Robert hates stories, Keith hates Laura and Vincent's dog hates hats.

"Mine is so much more tasteful then both of yours."

Wait, say wha?

Laura says this little gem to Kayne and Robert at Mood. The two designers who have won the two challenges separately and together. Perhaps taste was a strong word in this instance. Perhaps her boring tweed would have been better described as...well...boring...

And I could be nuts, but doesn't this concept look an itsy bit familiar...

*see episode one*


Compared with Kayne's colorful and flirty design, Laura's was hella hella boring...

Holy hell! How did he not win again? And of course, the detailing on the back was fantastic as always. Plus, he chose a poodle!

But to be fair, there were A LOT of really fantastic designs.

Michael's also stood out for me:

The neck criss crosses looked SO chic! And the fit was perfection! It was such a clean look that really shone in it's detailing. How it wasn't one of the top designs was beyond me.

Also great was KeithJude. Unfortch, KeithJude did not make a doggy outfit...

Not that the poor dog needed anything else with that ridiculous hair cut, but he could have at least added a funky (not bracelet) collar to the hand cuff leash, a la BB. This cost him dearly with the judges as did lying (sort of) to Heidi about the collar.

But there's no way they are getting rid of this guy. An asshole who can actually create beautiful garments?? Ratings whore say wha?

Speaking of BB. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your fairy god mother has smiled upon you.

The judges LOVED it.


To me, it kind of looked like a poor man's version of Daniel V's Inspiration challenge design.

But it is his birthday, so hooray! Bradley is back for more!

The top two were Allison's:

and Uli's:

Both girls took this fantastic concept and RAN with it! The stories were great and the designs were perfection to go along. However, Uli came out the big winner.

While Allison's taste level was ginormous, her design didn't have that special little something that really had it standing out. Uli's use of pattern and draping really stood out. As did her little greeting on the runway "Hi Ladies"

That special little touch had her standing out from everyone.

Except maybe for Angela's which was just plain ugly.

This is where I bring up bad taste vs no taste. I'm not saying Katherine has no taste, but compared to Kayne, Uli, Michael, Allison, et was hella boring. Even Laura's hella boring fabric was transformed into a hell cool jacket. Familiar, but hella cool.

Katherine's dress was good in concept. The color's at the top were great and the combined pieces at the top were really attractive. Unfortch, she didn't listen to Professor Tim about adding a hoodie or shrug or shroodie or whatever.

Plus, she was thruthful about her hemline. That shit looked on purpose and she blamed the machines. Make it work Katherine...make it work.

Angela's outfit was immaculate as far as construction is concerned, but it was super duper fug.

Maybe she could create a super hero based on her fug outfits. I'd call the hero Super Fug, but that would be super duper predictable. How about Wonder Fug?

Eh, whatev.

So Angela's nutty ass stays, and sacrificial lamb (ie: inexperienced) Katherine is auf'ed.

Next week, Tim opens a can of whoop ass, but who is it?

I'm not bothering with the guessing game, it makes my head hurt.

Auf Wiederwhatever...


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