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Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Full Tilt Boogie Angela Quilted Extravaganza of Puff" is the New "Whickety Whack"

Cuz they're basically the same thing.

Bad Mommy had so many quotable quotes this episode!

As for the episode itself...kinda boring. I can't lie.

Before I get into the BIG SHOCKING EJECTION, I'll explain the if you don't know already.

They are designing for INC at Macy's which is hot cuz I like the clothes.

Some guy whose name I don't remember elvaluated all the sketches and chose four. Why only four? What's with all the damn team challenges? I want fashion dammit!

Okay, I'm good now.

The dude picks Keith (duh), Robert (duh), Bonnie and Angela (huh?).

Teams are picked and Angela made the brilliant choice of choosing Michael and Laura. Her construction skills with their taste ended up kind of fantastic.

The designers only get $100. That's really not much. I spent over $300 the other night on purses. No...really...

But everyone did a good job at Mood. Keith finagled some money of his total for fabric.

"I always kinda break the rules, just like a tiny bit sometimes, cuz I think I'm right." -Jude...I mean Keith

That's a direct quote. I rewound it a couple of times ot be sure. He actually said this at Mood.

Oh foreshadowing...why must you taunt me so...

Let's get down to business. Keith got the big 'ol boot last night for hiding books under his bed on sewing.

That's it? No really, that's it?

I thought it would be something much more shocking. Like maybe Keith kidnapped Michael Kors and was torturing him for fashion ideas about womenswear, because we all know Keith is a menswear designer.

I mean, he did leave production for a few hours which was another part of his elimination. Maybe I'm onto something here.

Sorry Michael!

I'm beginning to think that Bradley is bat shit crazy. First it was Vincent, then it was Angela and now Bradley can wear the crown.

Soon after offering to shave his beard to please Bonnie, (no...really...) Bradley talks about how out of the loop he is. Aren't we designing here? Aren't you a designer?

"I'm a fish without water, I'm a squid with no ocean, I'm an eagle with no sky."

Yeah, a squid with no ocean...and a shovel...

As for the other teams, Jeffrey and Angela are making it work...snooze...

...and Robert is having mad issues. Fa' real?! Turns out his design is sort of "Flight attendant-y" a la Kayne. But according to Robert, Kayne has the taste of a love starved hyena.

That comparison is...well...different.

And it turns out Michael is kind of a bad ass.

At least in the Tresemme hair salon.

It's runway time bitches!

Jude is gone and we're left with some odd turtleneck that is giving birth to a wife beater.

The skinny pants were hot at least.

Robert's flight attendant has decided to go skiing in the Adirondacks.

The hyena was right...

Bonnie's model ended up looking sort of a really horrible way.

And the pants were all paunchy. That's what you get with $100 at Mood.

Onto Angela's design...

It looks cute! And classy! And there's not a bubble to be seen!

Hallelujah to Laura and Michael for toning down the "full tilt boogie etc..." and making a really chic and wearable outift.

Here it is at Macy's.

I think I'm going to go buy it. Or at least see it in person. Or at least buy the hot rouched top.

Alright children...what's the moral of this crazy Project Runway episode?

Don't ever fuck with a pageant queen...of any kind.

Or hyenas for that matter.

That, and grey is the new brown ;)

Next week, the models go ape shit over fashion icons. I kind of want to see someone get poked in the eye with an elbow or ribcage.

Oh, and Michael Kors is back! Bring on the snark...


Blogger Positano06 said...

Great recap! I love the last screencap of Kayne-so powerful, so knowing, so--bitchy.

2:50 PM, August 04, 2006  

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