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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Nicest Disney Villian There Ever Was- Project Runway, Season Three- Episode 2

Well shit.

Malan almost made me cry.

No joke.

I think I was just emotional about my leg...

...or something.

Or perhaps I jumped to conclusions too soon about Malan.

But hell if they don't make him look all evil and scheme-ish. Damn you, Powers That Be, damn you!

Okay, I'm done with that.

I did change my opinion on Malan, however. During the episode, I also changed my opinion on Angela.

Yes, we all know/knew that Vincent is bat shit crazy. That was no surprise. What was surprising was how wishy washy Angela was.

Now I understand dealing with someone elses vision and having said person shun your efforts to help. Unfortunately, Angela handled herself in the worst possible way. Her reaction to Tim's questions on the dress were offensive, rather then defensive and it bit her in the tushy later on when the dress turned out to be one of Tara's favorites.

Tara is Tara Connor by the by. Miss America, soon competing for Miss Universe and our designers were put into teams to create an evening gown for the big event. Jude/Keith decided it would be a great idea to seduce Miss USA and feel her up. She totally took the bait however and chose his design. I probably would have too.

But back to the Angela/Vincent drama...

Angela handled the situation terribly, and made me sort of not like her anymore. Yes, it isn't her fault that Vincent wouldn't let her help and it wouldn't have been her fault had the dress looked like shit.

But the dress turned out sort of hot. A little matronly, but classic enough to keep them "in".


But her reactions were awful and totally turned me off. Plus, I really hated everything she wore this week. Especially that skirt. Are you a 3 year old ballerina? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I have to give Malan props though (yeah, I said props...and I mean it). Malan had me seriously liking him this week! Yes, there was a sob story that may, or may not be true. But his Daniel Franco moment had me absolutely thrown for a loop. It was totally classy of him to keep his word to Katherine and take the fall on his own design.

It made me want Angela to be auf'ed just so I could keep Malan around for awhile. Possibly fake accent and all.

Let's move on to the fashion...

SHUT UP KAYNE!!! On top of being a total genius about choosing Robert (Mr. Barbie) as his partner, his design was FANTASTIC. The color choice was perfect and Tara will look mad hot in it.

Kayne is rapidly becoming my favorite designer. Could he be the new Nick, or SHUT UP! the new Austin Scarlett???

I cannot wait to see more from him =)

We only had a total of seven dresses though, and most of them were pretty good. If they weren't seriously fashion forward, then they were classic with a special touch.

Laura chose Michael to create a total Yin-Yang effect whenever you saw them standing together.

The dress was pretty, but not nearly as special as Kayne's.

Uli chose Bonnie and the dress was ethereal and really pretty. I didn't see it as pageant-ish though and was surprised it almost won. Oh well, still pretty.

I thought that Keith's dress looked really similar in style to Uli's, just strapless. Still not pageanty though. But again, still pretty. NEXT!

Wait, back up. I forgot to mention that Keith chose Bradley, who's still totally adorable. Hooray!

Jeffrey chose Alison and they made a dress that again, was pretty. It turned out rather ill-fitting though and I expected it to be scored much lower.

Malan's dress was clearly the worst. It fit badly, the color was terrible and the hem was non-existant.

Maybe if this was the Woodland Nymph pageant, it would have fared better, but that's clearly not the case. A challenge like that would happen much later in the season ;)

So Malan Breton from Taiwan was aufed. I take back the whole Disney villian thing. Maybe he'd make a better accent-challenged mentor to a young boy looking to dress elves and chaise lounges.

We could call it Not A Disco Ball---The Legend of Taiwan John or something to that affect.

I'm going to miss Malan. He was sort of fantastic in an odd, British, cocky, squinty way.

The cockiness is running rampant and next episode the designers are doing something with accessories. In The Bag, perhaps?

Until next recap, auf wiedersehn...


Blogger ho11z said...

I totally agree with you about Malan. Those sound bites of his laugh sent chills down my spine, but by the end of the episode, I really liked him and didn't want him to leave. Do you listen to Tim Gunn's podcast the day after the show? I do and he always gives some little inside scoop to what is going on behind the scenes. God, I LOVE this show!!!

8:34 AM, July 25, 2006  

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