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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Babies, Mamas and Drama - Project Runway 3, Episode 7

Wow, Jeffrey is an asshole.

Sorry this is so late, bitches! It's gonna be hella short too. It's Wednesday, it's almost 2pm and all I've got is that Jeffrey's an asshole.


Anyway, I'm hella busy this week. Too busy to blog. Here's the gist of it all though!

Jeffey's still an asshole.

Laura is going to pop out another kid and "throw it on the pile". That's hot.

Kayne used to be fat...shut up!

Vincent treats foreign people like they are two years old. How did he even win? Mama Uli looked hella paunchy in that thing. Not so flattering.

Uli should have won. Her use of patterns is phenomenal.

Robert went home. Apparently he can only design for little plastic dolls and Isaac Mizrahi...makes sense to me.

I'm shocked Angela didn't totally round house kick Jeffrey in the gonads...cuz if anyone ever talked to my mom like that. Forget about better hope you don't want any more kids cuz after I'm done with you...

So that's a recap of my recap with, sadly, no pictures.

Probably going to have another week like this, this week, but we'll see.

Here's to hoping Angela's grows a pair and nails Jeffrey in his...


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