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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not So Haute Couture - Project Runway 3, Episode 9


Vincent is gross.

I'm glad he's gone.


But seriously, I could have done without any more "It gets me off"s and "Turns me on"s...doesn't this show have a censor button?

Eggs are gross too. Sucks to be Michael's dress.

You know what else is gross? The total LACK of couture in this couture challenge.

It makes me wince a little to say it, but Jeffrey's odd choice of fabric and layered pieces absolutely deserved this win.

And I'm only wincing because he's an asshole.

When I think of couture, I think haute couture which makes me think extravagance in fashion. I think wearable art which isn't meant to be worn.

I even wikipedia'd it and all I got as a fashion entry was "Haute Couture" and this is the essence of it all.

Anyway, wiki says nothing about unwearability, but in all of my fashion classes, that's the gist I got.

Irregardless, I didn't feel much high fashion in this episode, and that's never a good thing...

Jeffrey's was hot though, hands down.

Had he used another fabric it might not have worked, but props for going a little prep-punk and pulling it off.

Too many P's...

An example of something that worked exactly the opposite?

The poofed out collar was fucking fantastic. It created such a neat line and provided huge interest. However, it being black and long and with the ever present v-neck, the dress ended up looking old and totally mime-ish.

I mean really...tell me I'm wrong.

In other news, when did Bad Mommy pop?

Did I miss like a month of this show??

Uli's and Michael's dresses were beautiful, but not couture. Hooray for hand sewn hems and all, but they were both very blah.

Except Michael's bunny ears...those were hot.

So is Nazri for that matter.

But, no worries.

Vincent made it easy for everyone else to stay in the game with an elderly looking dress made of couch upholstery, complete with a seriously.

How funny is that sign? She might be off the grid, but Holly Hobbie is there in spirit.

My hands down favorite was Kayne's though.

I know, I know. I'm a total hag for the guy, but I seriously can't help it. I kind of love him and I genuinely like most of his designs.

Including this bite me.

The skirt is absolute perfection! So beautiful. Not couture persay, but gorgeous nonetheless.

And I have no problem with the fact that I'm the only person who actually liked the bodice.

The lacing and fabric detailing was hot.

So goodbye Vincent. You make me cringe, but I can't even lie about your entertainment value.

One last note.

I want to be Catherine Malandrino when I grow up.


Blogger Ruthie said...

Is it me or did Uli's couture dress look an awful lot like Uli's Miss Universe dress?

11:15 AM, September 29, 2006  

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