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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yitchy Kitschy - Project Runway Season 6, Episode 9

And kitschy, it was! Thank god, I LOVE kitsch.

Heidi opens the challenge by telling the designers that they will be meeting Tim in a SUPER secret location with a SUPER secret guest.

I totally forgot from last week, that Bob Mackie was a guest judge and when I saw him I geeked out really hard. He's so amazing, I can't even begin.

I mean, I can definitely talk about the fillers he's clearly using, but I still can't begin to explain my sheer love for this man.

Tim is there to greet the designers and explain to them how their challenge is to incorporate Bob Mackie's style influence into a stagewear design.

Look at all the sequins and sparkle! He's a master, it's not even funny.

I love how Cher is mentioned in like every episode of this show. As you all know, Bob Mackie created her iconic looks for many years, both on stage and off.

I've always been a huge Cher nerd and watching the designers try to do this: going to be hilarious.

Tim let's everyone know that they will be creating this look for international superstar, and runner up for the Mascara Wand of Horror Award, Christina Aguilera. Winner of the award?

I mean....duh.

So Tim sends the designers on to Mood with $300 to spend on fabric and sequins and feathers and glitz and all that crap.

Carol Hannah legitimately bought one to two yards of every sparkly fabric that Mood carries and she lays it all out on her design table. It looks like Liberace vomitted on her sewing station.

Shirin is having a ton of trouble and has no clue what to do.

You look really cute when you're floundering.

Irina is predictably bitchy and hilarious throughout the design process as Althea, Nicolas and herself have all done costume sparkles before.

Ho. Sit. Down.

Tim comes in to see what all of the designers are working on and OH. MY. GOD. You guys, Shirin's design is making me wanna cry.

It's like really bad and ugly and it looks like a dated prom dress that would have been made fun of. It's really awful. She has panels in her dress like fake hippie's used to do in the 90's with their jeans. It's REALLY REALLY bad.

Oh my god, it's so bad. I just keep talking about how bad it is because it's so ugly and awful. I can't even make any right about it because it's just so wrong.

In other news, Chris is making booty shorts and a corset and thinks it's 1998.

On the real. Your design sucks ass.

He seems to think that we are designing for the Lady Marmalade video. If only Pink and Lil' Kim were around, I could get behind this shit.

After Tim poo poo's basically everything, the designers all scramble to get their shit together. It's funny because everyone is so lost and confused about how to make amazing stage wear. Nobody seems to realize that the brighter something is, the better.

I'm seeing a very limited use of color and the designers all seem to think that just because something has sequins, it'll get a pass. Where are the bright beautiful colors. This is a challenge where you can seriously go off the grid and make something outstanding.

See all this fabulous color?!

Good, because we DON'T get to see any of it on the runway.

We do get to see Christina Aguilera come out of hiding. She's been sort of MIA since having her son.

Was she hiding in a bottle of peroxide?

I kid! I actually really love Christina. I've always thought she was insanely talented and I love her voice. Her songs are catchy and I'm excited to see her in that Burlesque movie or whatever it is.

Let's see how she fares as a judge...

We start off with a less than stellar entry from Irina.

I guess she can't win them all...

This dress was okay. It was very lingerie-like and didn't have a huge wow factor. It ended up smack in the middle and for all of her smack talking, Irina didn't deliver all that well.

As for Gordana, thank god for her she had immunity because this?

This was really ugly.

Her excuse was that the beading kept falling off whenever she cut the fabric, but the fact is she screwed this challenge up royally, and knew it. Sorry to see her just let it happen since she had immunity, but I can see how it must be hard to fight for a win when the challenge appeared so difficult for her.

Nice to see Heidi put her bitch pants on and tell her how lucky she was to have that immunity.

Let's get to the good, shall we?

Althea's was probably the worst of the best. It was striking and sparkly but had it's fair share of execution problems. The front panels are a bit puckery and it look more like a dress for Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, not Christina Aguilera.

Wow, this challenge was right up Bitchy Boris's alley. He's nothing if not consistent in his love for feathers and sequins and this was a really stellar entry.

Once again, I wish that he had included some color. This is perfect for Christina with the short and sexy style. The top half is put together beautifully and the intricate details are gorgeous. Normally I would hate the feathered skirt, but it was absolutely perfect for this challenge.

I think he could have pulled off a win easily if this had been another color. He could have gone with a bright red and it would have come across much more striking on stage.

Carol Hannah finally got a win with her entry.

And while it's not completely undeserved, I'm not sure this is the best stage look I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong, it's beautifully made and constructed and she really spun her nerves on the challenge into a great design.

I just think it looks much more like a red carpet look rather then a look for a concert or show.

On the super positive side, that feather detailing is impeccable. The gown fits Lisa perfectly and the flow at the bottom really makes the sequins come across as expensive looking.

The styling is very Old Hollywood, which isn't helping the fact that it looks red carpet, but I'm glad Carol Hannah won. She's been pretty good throughout the competition and it's nice to her get recognized.

Her little boycrushfriend thing didn't fare so well though.

Oh Logan, on the bottom once again?

This wasn't so bad for me. I think it's an easy look which he didn't put a lot of thought or effort into. The fabric is okay, but it's just shiny when it needed to be spectacularly shiny. It was obvious that he was not comfortable with this challenge in the least.

The print on the fabric combined with the one shoulder dress and god awful fur thing really made Koji look like an ultra fabulous cave woman.

Thankfully for Logan, Christina Aguilera has never tried this look before, because repeating a look she's already done is basically unforgivable.

Right Chris?

When I first saw Chris's look I thought "Oooooh, Christina is going to love this!" That's obviously because she's worn it before, but you could really see her face light up when Katie walked down that runway.

The corset was pretty but not well fitted and I did love that he thought about it being two completely different looks for the stage. He seemed to grasp the challenge better then most, but his execution and starting point just really screwed him over.
Lucky for Chris, Shirin made one of the least attractive designs ever produced in Project Runway history.

You guys, this is really, REALLY bad. The paneling is a terrible idea and it is just so unattractive as a concept. In addition to it being ugly, it's poorly done and sloppy looking.

I honestly cannot say enough bad things about the bottom of her design. The top is okay, boring and too small, but okay.

I have zero problem with Shirin going home this week. She had been well above average the whole season and she deserved all of the praise she received. She also deserved the smack down she got over this dress. I dislike it SO much.

I'm sort of sorry to see Shirin go, but I definitely think she deserved it over this awful design.

I'm excited to see what happens next week and think that the dregs of the talent have been mostly weeded out. Nice to see the designers step out of their "Make a pretty dress" box and try something with more pizzazz.

Until Thursday...sing some Cher songs and smile =)


Blogger LauraK said...

"Hiding in a bottle of peroxide?" LOL - thanks AJ!

3:40 PM, October 20, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks! I missed the show and really enjoyed your entertaining recap! You're right about Shirin - it was time for her to go... Christy

1:54 AM, October 22, 2009  
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