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Monday, November 06, 2006

It's ALL About the Haircut!

Aaaaannnndddd...he's back!

And by him, I mean Chris Cooley.

And by back, I mean better then ever!

Captain Chaos is back, scoring points and generally making the Dallas Cowboys look like a bunch pansy-assed rookies.

And that my kind of man.

As you may recall, I went on a bit of a rant that Chris was in DIRE need of a haircut.

Well the football gods have smiled upon us all as he has shorn his fro and is back to being a football Adonis. His playing has improved vastly over the past couple of weeks and I am absolutely positive that it is all due to the much needed haircut.

I mean, I'm really not, but my reasoning behind him needing a haircut in the first place is so he could see better and thus, play better.

Was I right?

Aren't I always? ;)

With one touchdown and several good plays under his belt, during the ridiculous win over the Cowboys, I can safely assume that Chris Cooley is back in action. Granted, he effed up a play, but at least Brunell was getting him the ball.

And the last five minutes of that game were the most exciting I've seen in years. Literally, I was screaming at the television and I think I want to marry Troy Vincent.

However, if I did marry him, I would totally cheat on him with Cooley. Because in reality, if Chris hadn't made that insane touchdown, it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

I'm in love people. (not really, but shhhh...don't tell)

The more I see, hear and read about Chris Cooley, the more I like the guy. He's not an asshole like so many young NFL players can be *cough*TO*cough*JeremyShockey*cough*TonyRomo*Cough*

On top of the fantabulous hair cut, he's a cool dude and totally sexy in a no-neck, beer chugging sort of way. Plus, he has dogs.

He interviews on the radio station I listen to, and I feel like he said he has a Yorkie and a Great Dane. How hot is that? A little dog and a monster. I love it.

I have high hopes that this insane win will spark some fire under the 'Skins tooties and we can keep up some sort of winning streak.

So, while I don't have photographic proof of the haircut (but I know it's there, because I saw it with my own eyes) I will leave you with this...

Because, as well all know...a partially undressed Cooley is my favorite kind ;)


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