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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Michael Kors MUST be a Genius!

So, I'm a really pretty girl...

I hate to sound cocky, but it's true and I can't really deny it. I'm obviously fashion oriented and for a plus-sized woman, I wear clothes rather well.

I also make it a point to try to look as put-together as possible when leaving the house. Saturdays and Sundays are the exception on those occasions where I'm pretty sure I might still be drunk, am probably delirious and feel so poorly I could care less that the over sized sweater I'm wearing doesn't quite cover the hole in the ass of my jeans.

Anyway, most days, I think I look pretty hot.

Folks, today I have brought it to a whole new level!

Tonight there is an office party that I will be in attendance at. I wanted to look nice, but not obnoxious, so I paired my swingy black Michael Kors skirt with my kimono half-sleeved read sweater from Ann Taylor Loft. Throw on some black pants and coordinating beads and I'm good to go.

Everyone and their mother keeps telling me how nice/festive/dressy I look.

That's nice and everything, but do I look like a hobo on all other days? It's raining, and my hair looks like blond ass, yet I have had more people compliment me today then ever before.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy attention as much as anyone, but it's a little perplexing.

Especially since I've worn this exact outfit before. In fact, I wore it last week, except I had black pants on instead.

So, I ask this. Mr. Kors, what is it that you do to your clothes that makes them so appealing in the eyes of others?

Oh, and where do you tan? Sorry, I had to ask.

I have concluded that I must go out and buy as many MK pieces as possible to look as good as I do now...go everyone! Shop freely!

I have also concluded that I'm going to be one hot bitch at this's to hoping I keep it sober enough to refrain from dancing on tables. And that tomorrow won't be a holy-ass-big-sweater day;)


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