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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Tooth for a Tooth

I think that my dentist is out to get me.



A few months ago (September I believe) I went to get my teeth checked out/cleaned. All was well until I was told that I had some cavities.

Shocked and appalled, I felt that they were surely wrong! I brush twice daily, and floss when I feel a desire to. Plus, I've NEVER had a cavity in my life! And I was one of those sugar obsessed children and everything.

Alas, they were right. Not only did I have visible cavities that needed fillings, but everytime I went in for said fillings, the doc found MORE cavities!

Say wha? This wasn't happening to me! It couldn't be! Something must be going seriously wrong here!

I went to see my dentist about thirty million times before I finally had all my teeth good to go.

Fast forward a few months later and I'm having serious tooth pains. So, since I consider myself a doctor, I went on webMD and diagnosed myself with trench mouth.

The Horror!!

I didn't have trench mouth (thank god!) but I did have a pretty severe abscess complete with a dead root and an all around effed up molar. And don't get me started on the PAIN!

Anyway, I had a root canal procedure done, and $1500 (or so) later, I felt much better. Two weeks went by and I went back for the okay to have a crown put on my newly de-rooted tooth. Stupid me, indicates that another tooth was sort of hurting, and lo and behold...I need yet another root canal on a bicuspid.


Anyway, so far the abscess on that tooth isn't healing and I may need to have the tooth extracted.

Fantastic, my dream of looking like white trash may finally come true.

I went to my general dentist this morning expecting him to turn into Satan or something, but he just said that I will need a crown on the non-healing bicuspid and will likely not need one in the molar. The risk there is that if the filling should break below the gum line, I will lose my tooth.

Effing great. So I either pay an additional $1300 for a crown which I MAY not need, or I hope the filling stays in tact. Hoping is free though, so I guess it has that going for it.

My teeth suck total ass.

On top of being expensive, this shit hurts.

It's creating a huge obstacle in my whole plan to move out and be self-sufficient which also kind of blows.

Thank god for my parents for loving me enough and not throwing me out on the street. However, it is their gene pool that is leading to all of my teeth maladies.

Double edged swords! Why must you taunt me so!

Until next time, here's to hoping my teeth quit trying to jump out of my face.


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