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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Start Spreading the News - Project Runway Season 6

We open the show on Carol Hannah doing her make-up and WOW that's a lot of mascara!! Put the wand down, girl!

"This is my day look."

Irina is throwing shade about Althea winning, which, yeah she's right. Althea's design last week did not deserve to win. Nicolas is saying that no one deserves to win since he should win and then he giggles after it and I wanna slap him.

So the challenge this week is sort of really cool. The designers are brought to a newpaper factory and are told that they will be working with newspaper for their next challenge.

I used to work for the Washington Post so this is sort of fun and interesting as an unconventional materials challenge. This challenge is taking place at the LA Times and we're introduced to some lady in an awful floral dress.

"This concerns me."

She spouts out some facts about the LA Times and indicates the stacks of newspapers and magazines all over the factory. They announce that the designers are given three minutes to get as much material as they can. Nicolas is speechless, thank god!

This is completely candid.

Tim gives us a brief history lesson on paper clothing which started back in the late '6o's. The designs on screen are so cool and fun.

Everyone is given paint, dye and brushes to create the look of fabric and it seems that Ra'mon, Irina and Gordana are off to a good start.

Hehe! Everyone is annoyed by Shirin and her incessant gabbing but the way it's edited is super funny. I like that the designers are at the stage where they are constantly talking shit about each other. Makes for more exciting episodes.

Holy hell, Johnny's design looks like Hellraiser vomitted all over his dress. And it's bloody vomit. And he's making up stories to try to cover his ass and everyone is making fun of him behind his back. Project Runway High, at your service.

Dang, Althea is only 23...girl is looking old. Does she smoke or something? I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.

Ewww, Tommy Hilfiger is in for Michael Kors...where is he?! That other bitch from Marie Claire and Gabrielle Solis are also there.

What's black and white and read all over? This runway show! Let's get started:

Wow, if Logan had done that last week he wouldn't have almost gone home.

I thought this dress ended up super pretty. It's a littly cutesy with the ruffles but it's a nice effect overall. I'm completely in love with what he did for the "print". It could have looked cheesy like an animal print, but the pretty blue really sets off the black and white.

It looks a little bit like the Great Wall of China threw up all over it, but I love Asian inspired clothing so I enjoyed this look a lot. It's very dramatic but pretty. The only problem is that the paper is sewn to the muslin underneath so it was sort of "easy". I liked it overall though and am glad that Epperson has stepped up his game.

Go Ra'mon! That paper thing is GORGEOUS! The two different prints he created really set each other off well and it looks pretty and expensive. The detailing on the bottom of the top is beautifully intricate and I thought this was a pretty strong look.

If Anna from the Fashion Show and Leanne Marshall had a design love child it would be Shirin's design. Those "cup" like "noodles" in the front look like they've been done before when you look back at Anna from the Fashion Show. It comes across very costumey, but I do love the structure of her design.

And speaking of costumes...Fatma looks like Minnie Mouse.

Don't get me all wrong. The top and skirt were really pretty and nicely constructed. The problem lies in the bib of cut up toilet paper rolls she threw on there. In addition to it being really ugly, it takes away from the rest of the look. I don't like it and I'm surprised she didn't get more flack for it.

I like it from the top to about the hip bone. Below that it's just a hot mess, and a long hot mess at that.

It's wrinkled and weird and ugly. It looks like she made giants newspaper bows, died them an ugly red and taped them to the muslin base.

I'm also surprised that Carol Hannah made it through judging unscathed. This was a wreck of a design.

Chris's is predictably gorgeous. He's gotten to be quite a contender for this thing. The dress is certainly nothing groundbreaking on a design front, but it's made of newspaper and created a really cool effect with the "feathers".

I'm not surprised he was in the top three at judging, but I don't think his was necessarily better then Logan's or Ra'mon's.

Wow, Althea's dress almost looks metallic. It's beautiful. She used a picture of a building and fanned it out. It's really stunning up close.

I don't love the bustline, and think that if it was trimmed lower by about a half an inch, it would be more flattering. I also hate the shoes with this dress. Overall, though, the construction was impeccable.

And now for the grandprize winner!

Irina's trench is really nicely done. I'm not crazy about the wideness of the sleeve puffs, but it does complement the neckline which really makes the coat. This design was truly a cut above everyone else. She took her idea outside the box of what was easiest to do and went beyond that to make something beautiful and fashionable.

Good job girl cush!! Now, onto the bottom three:

Gordana knocked it out of the park! It's intricate and beautiful. I'm not cuckoo about the neckline but it looks like fabric for real. I'm shocked she was in the bottom. It wasn't the best and the design elements weren't perfect but she certainly handled the unconventional materials better then most everyone.

The bottom three judging got catty as hell. The bottom two were both a hot mess and Nicolas ends up TOTALLY throwing Johnny under the bus when he tries to claim that the iron ate his newspaper. So funny, Nicolas totally calls him out! And speaking of Bitchy Boris...

...his design looks like a flag with spikes. It's all stripey and weird and looks exactly like his dress from last week but uglier. It's a shapeless shift with an extra skirt. I do like the fact that he MADE a pattern and certainly don't think it was the worst, or even the second worst but I just don't like Nicolas or his giggly ass attitude.

I do like him better then Johnny however.

It's a hot mess. I would have rather seen his Carrie meets Hell Raiser design. I'm sorry, I mean his "Dior". What a crock of shit! If Dior had vomitted blood all over a bird laden mess of a dress, then maybe. He deserved to go home for giving up and then making a crap design.

This was ugly and just bad all over. Johnny had a nasty attitude and I'm glad he's gone. "Giving up addiction was easier to do then this."

Oh really?! I'm sure kicking a meth addiction and making a newspaper streetwalker outfit are really quite similar. 12 in one hand, half a dozen in the other, that kinda thing.

Again, I'm glad he's gone. I've never liked his designs on the show and wish him the best with his addiction problems but it's clear he wasn't right for this competition in any way.

Alright kids, Glee is on and this is WAY late! Thanks for reading!


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