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Friday, September 25, 2009

Why So Blue? - Project Runway Season 6

So I didn't get to recap last week since it was my birthday and I went to Atlantic City to celebrate. I had a flippin' blast! So here's a mini-recap...

Last week on Project Runway: Ummmm, guys, seriously, Halloween is still a month away. Oh, and Carol Hannah and Logan are gonna get married, like, tomorrow.

Welcome home, Logan!! He gets to move in with Ep, C and BB since Ra'mon got the boot. The boys are being narrowed down like crazy.

Heidi explains that they will be working with COLOR!! Shirin is wondering if they will be working with parachutes and I have an immediate flashback to being a kid and flipping a parachute around with 20 other kids and a ball in the middle during PE. Anyone else?

Lighten up, it's just fashion.

Turns out that they will be working with the color blue, for INC at Macy's. Everyone seems to want to make a sweater dress, which zzzzzzzz....

This has GOT to be the most boring and basic challenge we've had in all six seasons of Project Runway. And, SPOILER ALERT, we end up with boring and basic designs.

They are broken up into teams of two and have to make two looks per team. I guess the looks are supposed to go together, hence the teams, but I don't recall hearing that as a dictate of the challenge. Of course, I've been siphoning Shiraz into my system, so it's possible I missed that part.

Teams are as follow:

Althea and Logan
Christopher and Epperson
Louise and Bitchy Boris
Irina and Gordana and on team tiny, we have...
Carol Hannah and Shirin

Seriously, CH and Shirin can hardly hold up the fabric bolts at Mood.

Epperson and Chris are talking about how awesome they are and is it weird that I sort of want to make out with Chris? Is he gay? Does it matter?

Awww, you guys, Logan is a total hottie with a great personality and he's down to earth and helpful and WOW DOES HE NEED A SHOWER!! Wash that hair, honey.

No wonder he's always wearing that stupid hat.
So Tim comes in to do his asshole ripping and he happens upon Team Tiny.

Shirin is all like: "That one has leggings!!"

And legit, Tim is all: "I knooooow." Girl, I feel ya. Leggings are completely overrated and done.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.

This boring ass challenge has made everyone so snarky. Carol Hannah makes a funny and says that right about now, Ra'mon would be starting bout a unitard? Just make sure it's blue.

Now that everyone has bitched and moaned about how difficult blue is to work with, we'll get to the runway show. Next week maybe we'll have a REALLY hard challenge and make everyone design something black! I can see the tears now.

OMG Michael is back!! Thank GOD! This season was seriously starting to suck without him.

With two teams in the top and two in the bottom we are left with one who wasn't good but didn't suck. Congrats Althea and Logan! You're mediocre!

Wow, that's a short skirt, Althea. And I know it was you because you've made this outfit once before.

Another booty baring blue suit! How innovative. I'm really done with this piece since there is just nothing good happening here.

The second piece Logan and Althea create is a bit better.

But I HATE the rise on these pants. Lisa looks like she's packing heat. The top is really pretty but those pants are terribly fitted.

Carol Hannah and Shirin make it to the top two for being more unoffensive then three other teams.

So the top is cute but it's nothing I haven't seen before. The color is pretty but that's about all there is to say. It's just pretty. That seems to be good enough this season. I do like the Obi belt but again, nothing earth shattering.

This is a step in the right direction, but she sort of looks like a flight attendant. The skirt is nice, the top is nice, and I think I just fell asleep.

Let's move on to our winners!

This won? It's not a bad concept but the skirt and top look wrinkly to me and the proportions are strange. It's also way too tight and BORING!!!

Jeez, this episode is like watching grass grow.

Here's the reason that Gordana and Irina won. This was by far the nicest thing to walk down the runway. It's beachy and cool, and very sellable. It's very Macy's and the use of the different shades of blue is nice.

Then something happens to liven everything up when Irina inexplicably goes off on Gordana for not being a more active member up the team. Wow, Irina really is a bitch! I still have a crush on her though.

Good on Gordana for at least defending herself. She basically tells Irina to quit being a snatch and use her own voice as the leader.

Ho. Sit. Down

And as we all predicted, Chris and Epperson as well as Louise and Nicolas are in the bottom.
Let's get into it Cry Babies.

So I really didn't hate this. Is it amazing? Not at all. The fabric cheapens it a little bit, but it's a perfectly servicable shirt dress.

It's better then that time I saw some chick walking down the street in an actual button down shirt, belted with tights/leggings. I told her to put on some pants. You're not Lady Gaga.

Still not sure why this landed them in the bottom, except that it's not as good as tunic with leggings? Oh wait, they did that too.

Celine looks like she's being choked by death ruffles. What a terrible way to die.

I actually don't hate this. I don't love it, but it's not terrible. It looks like every 20 something's bar outfit these days, so to say it's been done and done is an understatement.

Ruh roh Chris is crying like a little girl and I'm not sure I want to make out with him anymore. Who am I kidding? I'd still hit it.

Poor Louise never had a chance, with this bottom four. There's no way they were going to get rid of Chris, Nicolas had immunity and Epperson was Chris's puppet this week.

This I actually liked at first. It's a pretty dress and the front is interesting. These are ruffles I can deal with. In fact, I audibly praised it when I first saw it on screen.

The problems come when the dresses colors are inverted, made out of cheap fabric and taken to the Nth degree.

Oh kids, this is not good. It looks cheap. It looks proportionally screwy. It looks ugly. And whoever told Louise that those shoes looked cute needs a swift kick to the mouth.


The ruffles look like those weird plastic flowers party stores use to make party lei's. The colors also aren't cute together and the ruffle placement is really strange.

All in all, this deserved the boot. My big issue is that nothing was THAT bad, but nothing on the runway was good either. It was all boring, basic and worst of all, everything looked easy. Where are my innovative designs that challenge the rules of fashion?

This season is making me miss past designers. Jay, Christian, Santino, even Kenley! She was a heinous cat throwing bitch, but at least she tested the limits.

These designers need to step up because I'm not impressed. Hopefully next week will yield some amazing challenge that will test our designers.

Til then, auf wiedersehn!


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