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Monday, October 30, 2006

"Get the Kid Ready!" - Project Runway 3, Finale Part 2

So I went to a finale viewing party, not themed or anything, but fun and wine-filled nonetheless!
I went into this loving Jeffrey's collection per the images I had already seen and hating Michael's. Not much changed my mind during the actual episode and I was surprised to be in total agreement with the judges choices and their order.

I'm not even going to try to get into each and every garment, because frankly, I don't have time. Being busy takes a toll on your blog...stupid job and having to make a living.

And also, sorry so late! After the finale, I went home and went to bed, worked out the next day and packed. I spent the weekend drinking my face off for Virginia Tech's homecoming game and on Monday I started my new job. I spent all of last week adjusting to being a functioning member of society once again and spent this past weekend in Philly for a Halloween party. I was the fashion police and I looked awesome.

Anyway, so it's Monday and I'm at the front desk at work, and am risking some blog time during my hour.

Lets start with poor, young, mis-guided Michael. Now, I firmly believe that he does much better with guidelines. He's still young, and much like Daniel V. from last season, he triumphed during challenges and faltered when left to his own devices.

We should have known this would happen when it took him several hours to make a decision on a sub-par design in the challenge where they could do whatever they wanted.

But at least these are better then that purple hot as it was, it lacked originality.

Unfortunately for the fan favorite, these designs lack a bit of taste.

I don't want to go there and call them trashy, because they really aren't. There just wasn't a lot of continuity or diversity to his designs.

The above shot is four above the knee designs with a lot of cleavage showing. And killer shoes.

That's how most of the show went for Michael.

Even his long items showed a LOT of skin. And seriously...would it freaking KILL Clarissa to smile!

I think the leopard that inspired this print jumped up her ass.

Anyway, Michael's lack of experience as a designer and unfocused collection did him in.

The gold lame patches didn't help though.

Lets move on to Laura...

I liked the collection a lot more then I thought I would and on TV most of the pieces were absolutely breathtaking.

She knew that to win this she had to show more range and I admire her for essentially sticking to her aesthetic. I think she knew she wasn't going to take it and didn't attempt to foray into sportswear. She kept the collection true to herself and like the diva she is, she rocked it out.

I think the second dress in the pic above was one of my favorite pieces from the whole show. And those shoes?? SO FIERCE!! Plus, she made sequin hot pants look sort of wearable and not totally fug. And the satin jacket with it? So elegant. Hot pants are elegant people!

Plus, she is a really cute pregnant lady.

Stunning. This dress was stunning. It reminded me of Andrae's Gutter Water Dress and the little yellowish punch of color totally works.

So I knew Laura wouldn't win. She's lots of things, but versatile isn't one of them. I do hope she keeps designing though, because homegirl can ROCK a cocktail dress.

Uli's collection vas vonderful!

Okay, enough of that. Seeing Uli's collection in images did it no justice. The queen of prints censored herself quite a bit and created a collection that was half silver/beige. Seeing it in motion really emphasized how well structured the garments were.

And that first dress? Smokin' hot.

The tan and silver really worked well together and mixing the signature prints in really made the collection seem less chaotic then it could have been. And the shoes are hot to death.

Ahhh...jungle love.

It's a total signature Uli piece, but shit, I'd rock it.

Uli's whole time on this show has been fantastic to watch. She's a sweet person with a crazy design aesthetic that totally works. Miami Fever baby!!

And her way of letting everyone backstage know that Jeffery had taken the crown was SO classy.

"Get the kid ready." I nearly cried. I blame the Pinot.

Jeffrey deserved the win. Yes he might be a bit of an asshole, but who doesn't love an asshole?

Yeah, that still doesn't make any sense...even after typing it out.

J's collection was innovative and really unique. It was versatile but it flowed well. The use of repeating patterns was perfection and the zipper detailing was just plain cool.

And I COVET that green and white striped jacket! COVET I tell you!

The stripes and polka dots added a whimsical feel while the skinny pants and cuts kept the designs really modern.

Congrats Jeffrey!

I covet this too. Like really hard. And seeing him with his baby boy was the sweetest thing.

I do want to bring up the fact that we haven't had an OFW quite like season one. Not to tarnish Jeffrey's win (like he gives two shits) but I want another Jay McCarroll! Jay's FW collection was out of this world awesome and I hope that season 4 will bring us more designers willing to take risks. This season was better then last, but nobody has quite brought it the way Jay did during Season One.

So Season Four contestants...bring it on!

Until then, Love Ya! Mean It! And as always, Auf Wiedersehn ;)


Blogger goprg said...

Great recap AJ. I cannot believe there is someone in the blogworld that actually liked Jeffrey's collection.

12:19 PM, October 31, 2006  

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