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Monday, October 09, 2006

Love Ya! Mean It! Have a Good Day! - Project Runway 3, Episode Reunion

I had high hopes for the reunion episode, I really really did.

Do we recall last year's reunion episode?

It was sheer perfection! Of course we had more fabulous characters, like Andrae, Nick and Santino.

So this year wasn't as good, but it wasn't all bad. Some parts were just totally awkward!

Exhibit 1:

"I was like..." "And then I was like..." "And THEN I was like..."

Why didn't you chase the bitch down Bonnie...huh?!

It's like her brain quit half way through each thought. Whatev...

Exhibit 2:

"Uncomfortable, isn't it?"

Oh, Jude. You just have that affect on people.

I'm not even getting into the whole did he or didn't he get the books back for drama. Who gives two shits?

The guy is clearly a talented designer, so I say "Keith! Quit your bitching and starting designing again. We'd love to see you at the next fashion week, so hop to it Jude-Lite!"

And lastly, but not leastly...

Exhibit 3:

I mean really. WTF, mate?

Vincent is officially bat shit crazy.

He was the Lupe of this season's reunion epi. Congrats Vincent! You are nuts, kind of scary and REALLY hard to understand sometimes. Unfortch, you get nothing for just go be "turned on" elsewhere.

Alison looks the exact same. Cute as ever.

The unicorns are smiling again. As am I. She's kind of fantastic.

So, Robert is boring according to one of our montages.

Fa' real?! Why the producers chose this is beyond me. I mean, I get the "Serious ugly" and the incomprehensible Bradley noises. But why show someone who we knew was boring back when the judges stated it over and over and over again.

Dead horse, meet several uneccesary beatings.

I kind of love Robert though. I can't hate.

But Laura can!

I love her. I do. I like want to be her when I grow up!

And "Serious ugly" is totally useable on a day-to-day basis.

She's fabulous. Fabulously glamorous be dammed! She's just straight up fabulous.

I heart Bad Mommy.

I also heart Malan...a lot!

He's kind of fantastic. I hate that I thought he was evil for awhile. Damn you Powers That Be!

But really. His laugh is kind of villianous.

The montage was totally creepy yet really endearing all at the same time.

I'm glad he got to show at fashion week. Jude could take a tip or two from our favorite Taiwanese =)

Bradley is the proud winner of the John Wade award for best transformation.

He was always hippy, trippy cute to me, but now Bradley is sort of smokin'.

Go ahead honey.

Angela is back and still angry at Jeffrey.

Who didn't see this coming, though?

She's just seething with anger. And pointing.

Still pretty though.

Jeffrey is sort of irreverent as usual.

That was a total Tim Gunn word. Those clips were pretty outstanding.

God, I'm on fire with my segues today!

I miss Kayne. Vincent brought him up as someone he thought would be at Fashion Week. You and me both Crazy Vincent. You and me both.

Let's get down to business. Michael is the shit.

He got braces and still looks cool!

Of course, I thought it was a grill at first.

But braces making a lot more sense considering his mildly jacked up teeth.

And now Michael can pay for his braces by being our fan favorite!

Don't you love how they future dated the giant, fake check for the date the show airs. Bravo is genius I tell you.

Michael Kors and Nina brought the check out, and I might be crazy...

But doesn't it look like Nina doesn't want to get anywhere near this giant check?

She's all like "Cardboard? Please, I only touch silk, satin and velvet...bitches."

Anycrap. We're onto our Fashion Week episodes and I can't wait to see it all in motion!

Who's gonna win? No idea over here. Everyone kind of rocks in their own way, so it'll be nice to see how the competition heats up.

Until then...see you on the runway ;)


Blogger kora in hell said...

It's like her brain quit half way through each thought. Whatev...

Hilarious. And spot on.

"Cardboard? Please, I only touch silk, satin and velvet... bitches."

I was trying to figure out why she was avoiding it -- thanks for shedding some light on that matter!

I thought maybe she didn't want to look like a game show hostess, but if that was the case then why was she wearing that tacky dress??

6:32 PM, October 11, 2006  

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