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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Festivus, For the Rest of Us

Happy Non-Denominational Holidays everyone!

Being that I have a Jewish mother, and a Christian Father I find it easier to just dump all holidays under one general statement. Granted, I was raised mostly Jewish and consider myself a heeb, we also had a Christmas tree every year and always got together with my mother's predominantly Jewish family on Christmas night for dinner.

Maybe I'm just confused.

Maybe I should move to Canada and just celebrate Boxing Day to ease the conflicting holidays in my mind.

That would be silly though. Who would WANT to move to Canada?

I'm kidding...sort of. At least it's better then Jersey.

Anyway, I'm getting off track.

I just got some cool shit for Christmas/Hannukah.

Eff it. I got some cool shit for Festivus.

My sister got me a Chris Cooley jersey...effing sweet!

I got a hot new watch, some spinning shoes, some D&G Light Blue perfume, some hot boots a la Anne Taylor Loft, a fitness watch that will measure my calories burned during workouts, a handheld Sudoku machine and some other awesome and thoughtful gifts.

Aside from all the goodies, I want to take some time out to talk about family.

Oh super cheesy!!

No really. My family rocks really hard. We've always been tight as hell due to traumatic circumstances and have managed to keep ourselves open and honest with each other. Lately, things have been changing with my brother being engaged and my sister being at school and me fledgling a pseudo-career around.

Thank god for my brother who sat us all down and laid it all out. We were kind of losing each other, and that's not good folks. Not that we weren't as close as we could be, but we had developed bad and stressful habits that were making our lives more difficult then they need to be.

So, this Festivus, we all made resolutions to better ourselves for our sake and each others =)

My first task is to finish my room renovation. Yeah, the room renovation that began here. Granted, my room looks killer and everything, but there's little shit left to do that should have been done months ago. My lazy ass needs to get moving.

So people, get ready for the pictures that I promised here.

This post has essentially no relevance to anything other then the fact that I'm semi-inspired and bored at work. NOBODY is here today!

Which also means that nobody is here to tell me that I can't leave.

Go home early much?

I'm outta here!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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