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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hokie Pride

I stood outside last night holding a candle.

I was wrapped in a blanket and on any other Tuesday evening, I would be glued to the television in American Idol anticipation.

Instead, I was holding back tears. I have thought so much over the last few days how easily my life could have crumbled before me. Had this boy decided to go to a different building to make his statement, or had he waited a single day, I would be a shell of myself right now.

My sister, my best friend and one of the few people in this world I love unconditionally is an engineering student at Virginia Tech.

She was in class on Monday April 16, 2007. Had Tuesday April 17 been the day, she would have been in Norris Hall.

An angel must have been looking upon her because she was far from the events that transpired that day. The thankfulness that I have been feeling is overwhelming and the only thing I want to do is give her a hug, to assure myself that this is real. To assure myself that she is safe.

I cannot describe the mix of gratitude and disgust that I have been feeling this week. I am grateful that she is physically unharmed and disgusted that thousands of people across the country have lost a part of their souls.

All due to the selfish act of one.

I could easily be spending this day in a state of disbelieving grief.

I could have easily lost part of my heart.

To those who have lost part of theirs, I am sorry.

Well, it seemed like any other day
In this quiet college town.
The students bustled
While leaves rustled
Across a school renowned.

The campus shone with flurries
And the day began with joy.
But soon it was marred
And forever scarred
By the actions of one boy.

Be strong Hokies
For your friends need you now
More then ever before.

Help each other with your grief
As it wages an eternal war.

Be strong Hokies
And band together
To fight against the pain

But always remember the love and the laughter
Of the victims who were slain.

Be strong Hokies
And help those families and friends
Who are living through their hell,

Because while you are safe,
You know, that Hokies are family as well.

Be strong Hokies
And never forget
The day the world stopped for you

Because, like so many tragedies,
The rest of your nation will always remember it too.

Be strong Hokies
Your pride is massive
And will smash through this heartbreak.

Just know that you are blessed
And keep this in mind with choices that you make.

Be strong Hokies
And we’ll be strong for you
As you grieve for that fatal day.

Because, over time, the pain may fade
But the memories must stay.

Be strong Hokies
As the time passes
You will make it through somehow.

Look to your family, look to your friends
Because we are all Hokies now.

To those who we lost, rest in peace.
To those who feel lost, be strong and always remember.

Hokie Pride.


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