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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cocktail "Party Foul" - Project Runway Season 6 Episode 4

It's a new day on Project Runway and Qristyl is saying that she's going to be known as the "B-I-T-C-H". Okay dude, if you're going to be a bitch you need to be able to curse right!

Gordana has the right idea, when she's all "Just own it....bitch."

Heidi explains that they will be designing for the 13 women in the workroom. Nick thinks that they may be homeless...or eskimos. You're weird, Nicolas.

The designers will instead be designing something for their models. Yeah, cuz that worked SO well in season one.

Tim just said caucus and it made me laugh cuz I'm a 5 year old.

Johnny thinks his model will love his look since he can think like a black woman. We sure he's sober? Kidding!!

Shirin's model wants a Royal Blue and Gold satin jumpsuit with gold rope. Ummmmmmm, are you my college mascot?

My college mascot going to an 80's MC Hammer look-a-like party, that is.

I met our mascot once during orientation. He put his leg up and tried to hump me. It was bizarre, but I think I might end up with an emotional connection to this design though.

Ugh. Wonderful.
Oh my, Chris's color scheme is pretty disgusting. He's calling it apple green. That's more I'm On Acid Green.

Hot Stuff Logan is making a "Smurf prom dress" and Tim is all "Don't use that word again!" Which one? Smurf? or Prom?? They're both pretty bad to be honest.

Epperson calls his family and starts crying. On the real, I do NOT need to see people being sad about their families. If someone is crying then they need to be crying about a bitch cutting them with a shiv or because Zulema is there.

I've noticed that when Former Crackie Johnny does a fitting he always makes his model go out to the hall and walk in the garment which is brilliant times a billion. Everyone seems so busy fitting, but he takes thirty seconds to make sure that it moves well and nothing is popping out that should be popping in. Work it out Former Crackie.

Am I alone in thinking that Chris's, model Katie is the twin of Rachel from the new season ANTM? Taller, or course, but still twins.

You can only tell us apart cuz she went and got knocked up.

It looks like Carol Hannah pulled her inspiration from her own outfit.

And Logan is still making SmurfPromWear.

It's pretty awful but Koji seems to actually like it.

"If I pull it up like this it's not TOO Prom-ey."


As we move down to the runway, we find that Heidi is the only judge there whom we recognize on a weekly basis. Where is Senorita Kors and Nina?! Marc Bouwer is sitting in for Kors which I'm okay with aside from the fact that Good lord, Marc Bouwer looks like a fucking Barbie Doll.

Anycrap, let's start the show!! And let's start with my loves.

My girlcrush on Irina has developed into full on affection. I think that she has been very underrated. I LOVE this dress. The print isn't my favorite but she made it work so well. The jacket is a little odd but I am just so obsessed with that dress. I think it's stunning. I can't wait to see what she does next.
Awww Shirin I'm in love. This isn't super innovative but it is totally adorable. The color is bright and stunning and I even like the applique on the shoulder. The fit is a wee bit strange on the skirt for me. If it had been just a touch fuller I think it would have been more striking.

Oh this dress was simply stunning except for one glaring problem.

That color is NOT working for the dress, the model or me. It doesn't look washed out which is fortunate but it comes really close. I think if it had been in a deep red or chocolate brown or navy or really anything, it would have come across much better for me. The beading in the front is stunning but I just wish she had used color more.

Now for the like-ish:

I don't hate this but she kind of looks like a trekkie to me. If Chris Pine were around, I wouldn't mind, but he's clearly not. I think the high neck is throwing me off here. I think that Nicolas should have put the ka-bosh on the high neck and made it V-neck along with the line of the silver.

Other then that it's sort of boring. Not bad, just boring. Although I must say that the low back was stunning.

This was super cute. I'm not in love with the fluffy neck which is the one thing that's really throwing me off. I do love that Fatma belted it for the cocktail party. She looked majorly hot in it then and you can really see the detail Louise put in.

Oh Ra'mon this is ALOT of look. That flower is just wrong on many levels. It's not good in it's concept and it is MUCH too big.
On the other hand, the color is gorgeous and the fit of the skirt is impeccable.

So Chris's dress was the only one of the middlers that I really wasn't a fan of.

I think the color is terrible, although it looks better in pictures. The fit is very strange for me and the proportions are REALLY strange for me. The top and bottom looks like tissue paper to me and I just don't really like this at all.
I don't think that it's badly made I just don't think it's my aesthetic at all and that's why I don't like it. I still like Chris's previous work and am glad he's still in the competition.

Epperson is stepping up his GAME!! I thought that this dress was amazingly beautiful and the detailing was amazing for me. I thought the colors worked well even though brown comes across as boring so much of the time.

He really worked with the direction that Matar gave him and didn't fold under the constrictions. He heard her requests and molded his design style to her. I thought this dress was greatly passed over for the win.

So the more that I look at this dress the more I like it. Carol Hannah really went on an innovative limb by doing a sort of decontructed two piece look. I wish the bodice had been about an inch longer but other then that I thought the color really worked with the black and the skirt detailing was beautiful.
The only thing I hate is the bangs in Lisa's eyes. Fall off the runway, much?

Is she wearing shorts? A diaper? What the what is that???

Hold up...this shit won? Okay, shit is a strong word. On the real, I was not a fan of this look at all. I thought the proportions were completely wonky. Sure, she made three pieces and they appear to be made well but I am just not feeling any part of this look.

The blazer looks a bit 80's. The skirt it much too short and the hemline is WAY too high. It is making Tanisha look as though she has a short torso, which she doesn't. And ps - put a bra on your model.
Let's get to the losers.

Hmmmmmm, this was not made well at all. The bodice is very strange to me. It looks like it should have been a tad bit lower cut and the belt should have come higher. If the belt had been directly under the bust it would have been more wearable.

Other then all that, the dress looks incredibly wrinkled and that comes across sloppy. That purse is gorgeous though. Good eye, crazy loud judge lady.


Koji wanted a 50's inspired goth something or other. This wasn't it. This looks dated, poorly made and all around ugly. The belted detail was pretty but the lace overlay really screwed all that up.

The skirt is too full, the bodice is too romantic and the whole thing just doesn't work.

Lucky for Logan, goofy full skirts win out over boring.

And ladies...this was BORING!!! This is exactly what the average person thinks of when they think "cocktail". It's just SO average and I expected Qristyl to have a lot more spunk then this.

Her whole "Plus Sexy" aesthetic really got me excited but I thought Qristyl really failed on a lot of challenges and is probably one of those designers who works better under their own direction then in the constraints of a super creatively stressful environment.

I liked Qristyl a lot but it was clear from the first challenge that she didn't appear to do well under the constraints of the competition.

Good for Valerie for booking Christian Audigier at the cocktail party. I just hope she doesn't have to work with Jon Gosselin.

"That guy's a douche knuckle!"
I know, right! Thanks Fatma =)
Have a great week everyone!!


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