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Friday, August 28, 2009

My Lovely Baby Bumps - PR Season 6, Episode 2

Sooo...I didn't get a chance to recap last weeks show and I'm sort of happy I didn't. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of anything that walked down that runway for the red carpet challenge. All the looks were average at best, with very few standing out. Christopher's winning design was great, but it didn't look all that wearable to me. I wasn't a fan of Johnny's red dress and thought Ramon's dress was pretty, but boring and had major boobie issues.

I also thought Mitchell should have gone home over Ari. At least she finished her design. He send an ugly nightgown down the runway. But once again, I'm not a judge.

I was amused that Lindsay Lohan was a judge during the one week Ari was there. Am I nuts, or doesn't Ari look a bit like Samantha Ronson?

I'm sort of surprised Lohan didn't jump her in the back and show her if the firecrotch matches the drapes. Kidding! Even more surprising was how concise Lindsay was as a judge. Good for her, lucidity looks good on her.

Moving on...

At the start of episode 2, the designers meet Heidi on the runway and Heidi explains that they will be designing for a real celebrity client. It just so happen that this celebrity client is majorly pregnant with twins and is Rebecca Romijn. I LOVE Rebecca Romijn. I've always found her funny and beautiful and she's one of the more talented models in terms of expanding her career to other talents. I love her on Ugly Betty.

Anyway, the designers are all shocked and apalled to learn that they have to design a maternity look. The horror!!

Nicolas legit has a tourettes attack at the camera and "shits" and "fucks" his way through 30 seconds of interview time. Get a grip, dude! It's not like she has 7 arms you have to design for. Pregnant women happen all the time, you've seen it before, I presume.

She's a MONSTER!!!

The designers hit up Mood in a cold sweat and major panic attacks. It's hilarious.

As the designers make it work, it's clear that a few designers have a better sense of how to dress a pregnant woman and it's interesting to see their thought and design process. I'm seeing a lot of dresses and tight pants with tunics. Granted, this is the go to for maternity wear, but let's see some innovation, ladies!!

Malvin is talking about some "Which came first?" concept for his design, and I'm confused along with everyone else.

Definitely the chicken. Now, carry on.

So Logan is the hot, young designer this season and all the girls are peeing themselves over working with him. As we find out on Models of the Runway, Fatma is completely gaga for him and is ready to shiv any bitch who comes close to her man.

Of course, as a man's man or guy's guy or whatever, these girls should realize that they will never be dudely enough to be Logans inner circle. Except Valerie of course, which is why she's been eliminated. Kidding?

Careful Logan, she might try to sit on your face.

Tim has everyone bring their suddenly pregnant models to the runway

"Designers, please roll your models down to the runway."

Our guest judge this week is the always beautiful Rebecca Romijn and stepping in for Michael Kors is none other then Monique Lhullier.

I LOVE Monique Lhullier. I have fantasties about her wedding gowns.

Bow. Down. Bitches.

I must say that I found the awful fake bellies really distracting for some of the garments. Bravo would have sprung for higher quality. Ya hear that, Lifetime!

Let's start the show!!
Our entire judging panel is of women who are or have been pregnant. Sort of smart that way since they clearly know what they are talking about more then the average gay man.
Or the average straight man it seems. Now, I don't think Epperson has every been a pregnant woman, but come on! A one piece jumpsuit with no visible way to remove yourself from it to pee...FAIL. Plus that vest is ugly.

The jumpsuit was nice as far as jumpsuits go, but I hate jumpsuits, so...moving on.

Based on the two designs we've seen from Feather Prince, he certainly has a short, tight and shiny aesthetic. The problem this week is that he is supposed to be designing for the average pregnant woman, not Heidi Klum.

She doesn't even look "pregnant" here and how are you supposed to get that skirt up over the belly to use the ladies room? It's not a bad dress, but it's a bad maternity dress.

"I have to pee!"
"At least you can pull your dress up, these assholes seem to think that you'd be fine with an 8 pound baby sitting on your bladder."
"Hah! I just peed a little."

So I'm ACTUALLY pregnant and psssst...Logan is the father...

This was sort of cute in it's concept but I thought the tunic was much too tight around the belly. It seems like Logan, Epperson and Nick really missed the mark on considering a woman's body when she's pregnant.

Johnny did a bit better and I really like the idea behind this dress. It was sort of ruined by the ugly bow thing at the shoulder and I hate the neckline. The rest of the dress is nice and I like the hemline. Thankfully some angel from above convinced him to remove that hideous jacket from the outfit and throw it in the bag like a scarf. Best move since getting sober, buddy!

So I really like Qristyl but her dress last week was a stank mess and her dress this week is a little boring for me. Granted it's a lot better then last week and I like that she thought more about the female body. It probably helps that she's female.

I LOVE the neckline and just wished she'd used a different color. Especially since her model's hair is so light, the color washes her out. A deeper pumpkin color or even a dark green would be stunning on her model.

That jacket/vest/shrugamabob = HATE!!! It's awful and doesn't match that adorable dress at all. Maybe adorable is strong, but it's definitely cute. I sort of like the idea of a sling along the dress and the color is beautiful.

This was one of the better legging/tunic combos. I don't like that the straps didn't seem to match, but the color makes sense and the cardigan is so well fitted. I am obsessed with the layered hem and those shoes are TO DIE.

Hate the bubble hem, love everything else. The color is stunning and I really like the belted seam above the bump. The one shoulder is nice, but not super practical for preggo boobies.

J'adorable! I LOVED this look so much. Is it a little short? Yes, but other then that I am all about this dress. My sister in law has been pregnant for the better part of 18 months now (9 month old and about 4 months along with number 2) and she's incredibly stylish. I went into this challenge thinking about what Erica would wear and Erica would wear the shit out of this dress.

It's perfect for a wedding or fancy dinner. I even like the little lacy thing under the bust, although I wish it were a little smaller.

The color is gorgeous and the tone on tone with the trimming is really beautiful.

The low back is stunning and the off centered tie is a nice touch. Each detail Irina used could have gone really over the top, but she edited herself just enough to make a really incredible looking maternity dress.

Oh Ra'mon, this is not good. To be honest, I really like the dress as a normal cocktail dress. I liked the "racing stripes" and the colors.

But darling, this is NOT a maternity dress. It's a dress with room for a belly and it isn't made well.

See how pretty the back is? This wasn't the challenge though.

Moving on to my least favorite of the Top Three:

I would have easily traded Irina's entry for this. It's a pretty dress and had it been executed perfectly, I would have been a big fan. Unfortunately it was not sewn well and the boob area was WAY too small and not well fitted.

It's a pretty design and the trimming around the neck was nice, but I don't think it deserved a top three spot due to the execution problems.

Oh Mitchell, why? This is hideous to me. As soon as I saw the giganto shorts I knew it was going to be a disaster. The bottom is just terrible and the top is messy looking. This is just an all around disaster. The hair styling is messy and the cardigan is hanging off the model in an awkward way. She looks like a harried mom, not a chic pregnant hottie.

Step it up Mitchell, the judges seem to like you but I'm over it.

But on the real, Malvin deserved to go. The chicken/egg thing was a weird concept and this looks less like an egg bundle whatever-it-was-supposed-to-be and more like a straight jacket.

Nobody likes a crazy pregnant woman.

Let's get to the best of the best:

Rock it out, Louise! I liked Louise as soon as I saw her, I just dig her style. This dress is super cute. It's a little too lingerie inspired but really pretty, still. Again, I love the layered hem and I actually dig the flowers on the shoulder. It draws attention up and away from the bump.

So good job, Louise! I can't wait to see what she designs in the upcoming episodes.

Oh, Shirin, this was GORGEOUS!!! It's stunning to look at and fits the model beautifully. That jacket is made impeccably and the lining is beautiful.

The dress itself is flawless and the detailing above the bump is perfection. I like the cowl neck and the color is beautiful with the dark grey jacket.

The girls really stepped it up this week and made a statement. I'm not going to say it's because it was a maternity challenge which only women are able to experience, since the majority of them haven't been pregnant.

I'm really glad that the designers are looking better then last week, I was scared for a moment about this season sucking. Now I'm really excited =)

I can't wait to see what the designers do next. I'll miss the crazy that was Ari and Malvin, but good design trumps all, y/y?

Until next week!


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