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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Made in the 80's - Project Runway Season 4, Episode 4

So, when I was a freshman in college, I had this muscle tee-shirt that said "Made in the 80's" on it in gold lettering. It was quirky in the sense that I was born in '82 and the shirt looked so dated it could very well have been made and designed then. Of course, everyone and their mother got a version of it, so I was forced to retire it early.

I don't really have a point to this story aside from pointing out my questionable taste in clothing as an 18 year old. That and it works with the title of this post.

So as well all know by now, the designers were split into teams of three and given some of the most offensive fashion fads of the 70's, 80's and early 90's to recreate.

Most of the fads were 80's inspired.


From giant frilly poodle skirts to oversized sweaters, our dear designers were tasked with updating these looks and making a cohesive collection.

I know, right!

Stephen's perplexed face echoed mine to a tee.

Ugh. Dancewear.

And our loveliest judge who isn't the host, Miz Nina Garcia was on hand to present the challenge in the workroom.

This picture is totally candid.

I figured that with all the nasty fashion Nina's head would start spinning around and pea soup would start spewing from her face.

Anne Slowey's tootie should be so lucky.

Anyway, I was really hoping for some drama as I heard little twitters that there would be some good fighting between Ricky and Victorya and between Jillian and anyone within hearing range.

The built-up drama was for naught however, as both of these "fights" were rather mild-mannered and well communicated. There was no crying, no crying and cutting and no model stealing.

Oh, wait. Jack totally ganked Ricky's model.

You total bitch.

At least Ricky didn't cry. Again.

And at least Jack handled himself better then Shetangi and apologized. What's with all the niceness?!?!

Anyway, so the teams were Jillian, Rami and Kevin with Jillian as the lead; Chris, Sweet P and Stephen with Chris leading; Christian, Kit and Jack with Christian as the fearless one and Ricky, Elisa and Victorya enlisting Ricky as their leader.

Throughout this whole episode I found that several designers reminded me of people or characters I've seen.

For example. There is something about Stephen that totally makes me think that he is the lovechild of Ryan Phillipe, Wallace Shawn and Andrae. It's weird.

Like, totally weird. I'm also beginning to think I'm crazy.

He's so totally adorable and sweet though.

In other Celebrity look-a-like news, the more I see Jillian:

The more I see this:

Above would be Ally Sheedy starring in the 1986 classic, Short Circuit as Stephanie. (If you've never seen this movie, do yourself a favor and rent it this weekend. "No disassemble!")

I'm not saying that Jillian looks like Ally Sheedy, but the way she dresses and wears her hair is really reminiscent to me of this character. She has that late 80's early 90's casual style with the overalls and button down shirts.

I also had no idea that Stephanie was played by Ally Sheedy.

Perhaps I've completely lost it. Anyone feelin' where I'm coming from?

And speaking of overalls, they just happened to be one of the outdated trends featured.

They ALSO just happened to be Jillian's bottom of choice that day. I can't lie, her overalls are sort of cute.



They are overalls!

Jillian has this weird, sort of hippie 80's style that's been given a punch of classiness that somehow works for her. I also think she's lying when she says she is 26. She carries herself much older in my opinion.

Along with Rami and Kevin, Jillian won the challenge and proved that I'm not wrong about her and she is sort of awesome!


Like really cute. You know, considering these looks were inspired by Poodle Skirts, 70's Wear and flippin' Overalls they came out well made, fashionable and wearable.

At least to a point.

Rami's dress was a little on the "milkmaid" side of things and Jillians wide leg overalls were a bit much but these looks could have easily walked off a sportwear runway and they were coheseive.

Which is more then can be said for the other three teams.

Someone did not get the memo.

Okay, I lied. This is very cohesive. But where is the pleather?! Where is the fringe??

Not that I think pleather or fringe is a good thing, it's just that; wasn't that a facet of the challenge?

The zoot suit (seriously?) is clearly represented, but in all honesty a pin stripe isn't so hard to factor in to recent fashion. Or to create a series of looks.

The outfits were cute but not nearly as challenge minded as Jillian's team.

The team worked well together though and Christian seemed to lead well.

About Christian:

Where's my chihuahua?!

Firstly, I keep typing "Christina". This isn't his fault. I'm a dyslexic typer apparently.

Something that is his fault:

The fact that he talks like Paris Hilton. If you listen to him, he says things that are just so Hilton-esque that it makes me a little vommy.

In fact, he actually said that something was "So hot" this episode.

There's nothing wrong with this, per se, but his tone is so Parisified that it makes me want to slap some originality into him.

This bitch is clearly talented but I think he's so young that he's grabbing at other people's individuality and forgetting his own. Get your shit together Christian. You're a talented little pockey gay, start acting like one.

Or don't. It is KINDA entertaining. And I sort of love you anyway.

I mean, I have no idea what's happening here, but I want in!

It appears that Little Christian and Kit have made a non-working (or is it?) Karaoke machine.

And they're using it.

And I want to play too.

Look at everyone all happy and cheery!

Why doesn't Bravo play these scenes? It's nice to catch a little glimpse of the designers having fun and not trying to shiv each other.

Project Idol?

Loves it!

What I don't love:

Neon, cutouts and visible underpinnings.

This sort of spelled disaster from the beginning.

That and you had Ricky McCryBaby as your leader. Victorya should have quit her bitching and taken over.

I'll cut you with my raised eyebrow.

The fit and proportions were weird, but so was the fabric choice.

That being said, this color scheme wasn't much better:

But the clothes were so PRETTY!!

The designs weren't bad. Maybe I'm just in denial.

I thought Sweet P's dress was totally adorable for one thing.

Stephen's was okay, and wearble but dancewear? Not so much.

Now, onto Chris.

Good lord, I'm going to miss this one.

I thought his dress was really beautiful. Simple, yes. But it fit well and was constructed well too.

However, the jacket wasn't so nice. I get that people didn't like the fabric and that the fit was weird, but his outdated trend was SHOULDER PADS! Shoulder pads make everything fit weird.

I hated that the judges kept saying it was wide. I kept yelling "Shoulder pads!" at my TV.

I am so sad faced at his auf'ing because he'd done beautiful work up until this point and this was Chris's first stumble. I was hoping that he'd last awhile and we could delve deeper into his creativity.

Ricky has been in the bottom before. Why does he keep getting chances? I know Kors just wants to make him cry. That fickle bitch.


Chris was sacrificed and it sucks. I think Ricky was more deserving but alas, I'm not Donna Karan.

Thank god.

I know. I'm hilarious.

I think Chris would have benefited from combining those 80's fads into multiple garments a la Jillian's team, rather then separating them.

But again, they were using 80's fads. And that's never a good thing.

I'm waiting for the designers to start dwindling down. It gets more fun and recapping becomes easier. There's too much shit to talk about right now.

It's making me see shit that isn't there. Like Andrae Phillipawn.

Miraculously, it's Friday at 2:45 and I'm done, which means my recap will be on time. Hooray!

Until next week, I'd like to leave you with the cutest picture ever.

The designers are so orally fixated this season!

Sexy ;)

Enjoy your week everyone!!

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Blogger Moi ;) said...

I LIKED Chris' jacket. I didn't think the print was ugly at all. It was Strong.

I tell ya, the judges are burned out. They don't know what they are looking at - maybe they will look at the photos again and figure it out.

Or maybe they will just do the same thing again, 8 more times... (sigh)

9:47 PM, December 08, 2007  

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