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Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green - PR Season 5, Episode 2

Our second episode of the season opens on Suede alone in his room waxing philosophical about Bobby Lee getting the boot last week. And Suede is still talking in the third person, which AJ finds increasingly annoying.

Wandering over to 17J, Terry and Leatherella are making some nasty ass looking drink with all kinds of grass in it. And judging by Stella's eyes most of the time, I do mean "all kinds".
I'm just kidding! You can't drink marijuana.

But for real, it looks like her trash bags from last week took a crap in a glass. Stella is OMGing about still being in the competition and suddenly seems to realize that this is a serious competition. Thanks for the joining the party, genius.

Apparently I've been spelling "Holla at ya boy" wrong. I guess it's "atcha". I guess I don't carelicious.

There is model picking and I guess I was wrong last week. Not all the models are homely. Just a select few. One of them gets the boot. The models are going to be clients for their respective designers.

Twist time! The models are going to be shopping for "green" fabric to make a cocktail dress.

Oh damn, I hate Keith's glasses and am I totally insane or does he have a mini, curly, rat tail in the back of his head? I might have to redirect my crush this season. Rat tail's are not okay.

I guess we'll never know...

I'm a bit surprised that the models seems so lost at Mood. You'd think that since they are involved in the fashion industry, they'd no more. But models aren't always known for being the sharpest pin in the box.

There is consulting, there is pattern making, Kelly calls Leatherella Drapey Draperson and it makes me smile because Stella starts freaking about draping. And I'm over her more then I was before.

Suede starts cutting strips of his fabric and has a whole convo with himself in third person, completely alienating the other designers.

"Suede's really sad. Suede's going to go home and cry all night long. Leanne likes Suede, but Suede needs to stop talking in third person."

AJ agrees with Leanne.

Tim comes in to scare everyone and Korto starts talking about her dress. It's cute. Inside out, but cute.'s not inside out? Oooooh...

Tim is clearly concerned and then says "hot mess" and I love him so much!

Suede's strips are looking fug and my mom audibly "ewed" it. I love her too. Wesley's dress looks like doody. Fertilizer is eco-friendly and organic, right? Ten bucks says that fabric smelled bad.

Leanne is in need of some editing, and coincidentally decides to keep adding shit to her dress. That always makes sense.

Stella is bitching more about the fabric and saying how she wishes every challenge was with "leathah" and wow, her voice is annoying.

Roblayne says something about her having a leather cat and it makes me smile. The Leatherella tells him to remove the leather strip from his teeth, referring to his gap. I have a gap too, bitch. Watch it. Then Blayne tells her he loves her leather face and I forgive him a smidge for that girlicious bullshit.

Oh my damn, he just called his model "Liciousness". I take everything back.

*random side note time* Kendall the model looks like a prettier version of Kate Bosworth. And I'm developing a girl crush on Emily.

Jerrell notes that "The looks on some of the designers faces, especially Team Ugly Brown Fabric, is kind a look of concern. And I think justly so." Not as quotable as "I am SALTY!!!" but true for sure. I think I'm going to like this queen.

I like salty foods.

The runway is upon us and as a surprise to no one, it's Natalie Portman, whom I LOVE!

The models start their strutting and I actually really like most of the looks. Some of them came out shitty, but overall things are looking cute.

I liked Terri's a lot since her fabric was so different from everyone else's. I also like Blayne's with the color blocks and Emily's with the braiding in the back.

Let's get to the winners and auf'ers.

Kenley is up first and it's super cute. The belt looks amazing with it and while it's a bit tight in the bust, it's very flattering to the model.

Wesley gets torn a new one and his garment does look REALLY overworked. It's not god-awful, but the fabric is certainly doing it no favors. Everyone is talking about Nina's "I think shiny, tight and short, is the quickest way to look cheap" comment. Hi Heidi!! It's been said, but it's still funny.

"OMG, did you see Heidi's short, shiny, tight outfit? How do you say 'cheap' in German?"
On to Leatherella. I sort of hate that she's in the top three since I can't stand her. I just hate how she's so willing to give up and just eff everything. There are plenty of other talented designers that would love to take your place, at least give it a try. I don't hate the dress, but I liked other designs a lot better.

Korto is also given a beating over her hemlines and the odd choice of backward darts. It would have worked if it were tailored better and I think if the darts weren't so thick. If they were more subtle, like piping, it would have gone over much prettier.

Next is Suede, and I must say that his dress ended up a lot better then I imagined it would. It's still a little strange to me, but it looks great on his model and is definitely interesting.

Leanne's dress needs editing. Like Tim said to her hours ago. She kept throwing shit on there and it looks that way.

Suede wins, and I'm not so sure I agree with it. It took a ton of work to do his design and it looked good, but I responded better to Kenley's. And Suede talks in the third person like a total douche.

Wesley has been auf'ed. Oh sad! I thought it would be Leanne but that fabric was just a disaster and I'm not surprised they were the bottom two.

There are still a shit ton of designers and this episode felt a little boring. Next week, it seems that the designers are all trying to kill each other, so that should make for more interesting blogging. Guess we'll have to wait and see...licious.


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