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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Baaaaack - Project Runway All Star Challenge

Oh mi gaaahhhhh...

It has been TOO long for me and FAR too long for this show.

Ees beeen sooo loooong.

It's the All Star Challenge, loves and they have got a group of incredible crazies for the next two hours. Two hours?? I have to drive to Connecticut in the morning. Mama needs a nap.

First (second?) impressions of everyone:

Jeffrey - Well hello there hipster friend! Nice crappy band you've got there.
Daniel - So nice to see him working so much. Ummmm, nice sleeve tats?
Korto - Fabulous as always and I'm really excited to see her work more.
Chris - SissyBear!! Wrapping Beyonce in aluminum foil seems like a step in the right direction.
Uli - OMG yay! I love this bitch, still.
Mycheal (Micheal?) - His head looks bizarre to me for some reason. Like his jaw is larger...can that happen?
Sweet P - I'm interested to see how she's developed since she left the show.
Santino - What happened to Andrae? Get prepped for some cartoon behavior.

Jeffrey is being snarky to Mycheal but it's not unfounded. Mycheal's finale collection was hootchie and it sucked.

So everyone heads to the roof for the champagne toast we've come to know and love. Heidi is pregnant for the 84th time and Tim is fabulous as usual. The designers will be doing one giant challenge with three pieces each, one of which should be red carpet ready.

I hope the client is Nancy O'Dell again because we all know how well that went the first time around.

The designers hit up Mood with $1200...big bucks this time around! Ummmmmm...did Santino steal someone's Boston Terrier? Is he going to make it a pailette laden sweater?

Work room time and "Good heavens!" the door is heavy! Tim is the greatest person ever born.

The designers will be designing for *drumroll please* Nicole Kidman... Okay that's pretty big time. I'm not her biggest fan but she's definitely A-List material and the designers piss themselves about it which is understandable.

"OMG, I'm Lizzing!!"

Santino almost immediately starts in with the Timpressions and Korto is all "Girl, no..."

"I wonder if I can sew his mouth shut..."

Everyone who isn't from his season is ridic annoyed and even Daniel is staring holes into him. Santino has seriously just become a cartoon version of himself. He's trying much too hard to be funny or whatever and it's not workin anymore. The first time around it was funny because it was new.

Dear Santino,

It's old.

Love, Everyone

Uli and Sweet P are fighting over virtually everything and Chris keeps falling asleep. Tha hell? Wake up darling!

There is the requisite dinner to interrupt everything and Tim lets everyone know that they will have an extra day. But wait, there's more!!

Of course there is a 4th garment, and naturally it's with "unconventional" materials. That usually means trash, grocery store items or trees. Because it's not Project Runway unless you are being mindfucked. In this isntance it's the materials from this poor restuarant in NYC. Who made THAT decision on their staff?

Everyone is making it work and carrying on and it's sort of uneventful aside from Uli not starting on her resataurant piece and Chris being super narcoleptic.

He's aliiiiiive! Hey Mountaha!

It's runway time bitches! And holy hell there are a lot of dresses to judge harshly.
Let's start with the bad...

Has Santino been reincarnated as Lindsay Lohan? What's with the gold leggings? I do like the top, but it's all too sparkly and as Tim would say, "It's a lot of look".

Oh momma, no! This is just not wearable to the average person. If it was thrown into an actual collection then maybe I could pass it over as conceptual (ugly) art. Having it come out as 25% of your challenge collection totally throws me for a loop. I like the draping, but the boob area is weird and nobody needs shiny camel toe. Except Lady Gaga of course.

Just not my style, but I'm not sure who's it is. I feel like this is sort of an eff you to everyone. Like "Oh I didn't win last time, so I'll just make whatever I want and then complain when I'm on the bottom for ugly dance wear". Why did you even come back, dude?

This was favorite of Santino's looks. I found the top interesting to look at and much more artistic then anything else he made for this challenge. If he had focused on this side of his creativity, then maybe he would have placed higher, but he took an easy route for everything else.

This dress looks really dated to me. I think I saw some celeb from the nineties wearing something similar like Ivanka Trump or someone, before she had boobs...and good taste. It's just SO simple. Red carpet dresses these days have interesting details and are special. The only thing interesting is the fabric which just looks cheap. FAIL.

Santino's was the only collection that I really just disliked. In addition to it not being my cup of tea, he phoned it in.

Next in line is Bad Boy of Fashion part deux. I've always sort of enjoyed Jeffrey's aesthetic and liked certain pieces from his collection, but it just wasn't as special as some others.

This is definitely not my style, but jumpsuits period suck in my opinion. The workmanship is nice though and he's on trend. I do love the zipper, and don't kill me, but I like the shoes.

I like this dress and this jacket. But, I like them seperately. With the dress as short and shiny as it is, the model sort of looks like she is at her junior prom and got cold so she borrowed her boyfriend's blazer to cover up.

The jacket is beautiful, but the styling of the pieces together looks, again, dated for me.

This is a look I didn't like at all. It's kind of ugly and looks poorly made. The random fringe is making it all worse and the model sort of looks pregnant in this picture.

Least favorite look to most one of the best of the night. This dress was GORGEOUS! Sure, it's short, tight and shiny but that fabric really works in this cut and those cap sleeves are working it out. Plus, I love an asymmetrical neckline.

I found Jeffrey much more enjoyable and low key this time around. His style has clearly developed and I'm glad to see that he stuck to his aesthetic while catering to the challenge.

Mycheal is next! Oh Mycheal...I'm 50% on this one. At least that's more then his last runway show. Always looking for the positive...

This dress was just okay for me. I love the color but it's something I could find at Macy's. You are competing for $100,000, try harder Atlanta! And that purse is 50 kinds of fug. I actually really liked this look at first, but the more I see it, the more I hate it. It's been a week and this outift is now on my shit list. I think the colors were I liked most at first, but the more I see it, I realize it's not well-proportioned in any way and that skirt looks like a fancy towel wrapped around the waist of a lopsided tee-shirt.

Anyhoodle, let's see how Mycheal does with innovation:

FAIL! So it looks like he sewed a bib of ugly placemats to a hoochie dress. I think Mycheal has shown he can work well with unconventional materials in the past and typically does a stunning job. I'm under the impression that he saw the other designers making their restaurant looks more wearable so he did too and it didn't translate well.

That, and it's ugly.

This dress, on the other hand was another gorgeous entry. It was modern in it's style, wearable and had just the right amount of funk to make it an easy red carpet choice. The color was amazing and the fit was divine. It's so obvious that Mycheal is a talented designer, I just feel as though he loses focus and reverts to the "sexy" far too often.

Ulie rounded out the bottom 4 but that's completely ridiculous so I'll just go in my own little order.

Sweet P and Chris were sort of neck and neck for me on this one. They both showed growth in their design aesthetic since their season has aired and I just like them both as people. On that note, Sweet P is going first for no good reason...

First things first, is that Shannon from MMASM?? If so, whassup Shannon?! This was probably my least favorite look from Sweet P. It's just so twee and adorable and it looks kind of sloppily made. Not a fan.

This dress is what I always thought Sweet P should be designing every day of her life. It personifies her personality. It's REALLY pretty but still has a hard edge to it with the leather. It's a great design and is well made and I loves it.

This look came out super cute for me. It's not practicle, it looks like a cupcake and is completely unwearable but dammit, it's adorable. If she's going to make an unconventional look she may as well make it ridiculous and fun.

Sweet P's red carpet looks was one my least favorites, but considering I liked most of the red carpet looks this is sort of a compliment. It just wasn't super flattering and the bottom hem part was ooglay. It wasn't awful but it could certainly earn a worst dressed spot.

Throughout the first 90 minutes of this show I assumed Chris was going to crash, burn and make me sad. And then this look sauntered out onto the runway. I took notice, and I know everyone else did. Talk about GROWTH! This is so understated and incredibly chic when you think about the human hair dresses Chris was doing before.

And then, hellllloooo gorgeous!!! I want this jacket, I NEEEED this jacket! It's flippin' gorgeous and I nearly jumped at my TV when I saw it. Needless to say, I liked it.

Was there a drag queen dress included in this challenge? Oh, there wasn't? My bad.

I thought this dress was pretty, but it's all very "They may take our lives, but they'll never take...OUR FREEDOM!" And yes, I had to look that up. It was heavy and much too kilt like. No way Nicole Kidman's skinny ass could have kept upright with that shit on.

Alright, so the top two were Daniel and Korto, but Ulie was royally screwed out of a higher spot. She should have been in the top two, sorry Korto. But it's true. Alas, she wasn't so let's get into her collection now.

OMG so beautiful! This dress was stunning on so many levels. The ruffle in the front was prominent yet understated enough to keep from taking over the whole look. And I'm completely obsessed with the sheer hem.

I hate a bubble skirt beyond belief. I hate scoopy hems. I love this dress. It's gorgeous. It's sweet and super feminine and it's gorgeous. Uli has completely stepped out of her comfort zone but kept her feminine aesthetic. Amazing.

This is a restaurant challenge look? Shut the front door! It's beautiful. The spacing between the ribbon-ey parts is perfection. This doesn't even look like an unconventional materials piece. Uli is the shit.

This is probably my least favorite look from Uli but I still love it. The proportions are nice, the colors and fabrics are expensive looking and it's sexy.

What I loved about Uli's collection is that I honestly couldn't tell which piece was the red carpet look. That includes the restaurant look and she really worked well with the materials, sanse print. The judges were pissing themselves over everyone growing as a designer and they Uli was missing her spirit. Look at that rosey dress, that has tons of spirit. Crackheads...all of them.

So Korto came in second. She seemed salty as hell about it and let everyone know it too.

This is Korto's red carpet dress and it could easily have fit into her Bryant Park collection from last season. Pretty as always but I've seen it before.

Vest/Top thingy whatever...gorgeous! Pants...gorgeous!! Fit on the pants...FAIL. Okay the fit as a whole isn't bad but the rise on the pants really throws the whole look off. It's pretty though I love the material.

THIS was her restuarant look? Stunning. Flat out stunning. It was beautiful. I liked it much more then her red carpet look, for the red carpet. The lava beads were a brilliant idea and it added to the dress instead of distracting from it.

I LOVED THIS DRESS!!!!! It was amazingly fabulous. This was another look that I thought was better then her red carpet dress. This dress was so much more modern then the pink one and it really fit the model beautifully.

Onto Daniel V. I've missed my wee cheerleader!!

This look was sporty, chic and fun. It was a serious departure for Daniel to do sportwear when we've always known him to do such beautiful and structured pieces. This was so sporty and adorable. And for the record, I was not bothered by the braless wonder walking the runway.

Soooo cute! Aside from the red carpet dress this was my favorite look. It's fabulous with the skinny pants with the vents! Shut up Daniel, where did this come from?

So if she had an oversized sweatshirt and a beard, she'd be the uni-bomber, y/y? I know, I konw...everyone has been saying that she looks like a suicide bomber but I really didn't see that at first. I just thought it was okay on my first run at it. Of course the bomb references make sense.

Gorgeous? Check. Stylish? Check. Modern? Check. Red Carpet Ready? Check.

I'm rather sure that this dress is what sealed the deal for Daniel for the win. It was gorgeous and different and like nothing anyone had seen before. The judges were falling all over themselves about the contestants growing fonr their first time on the show.

In a sense, looking at Daniel vs Korto, it wasn't fair to compare them. Daniel had 3 or more years to change his style and adapt himself as a designer while Korto had far less time to change. She was on in the most recent season, so what do they expect?

I'm not mad about Daniel winning. I'm more pissed about Uli being looked over for the win. I thought her transformation from season 3 until now was incredible and she deserved a lot more recognition then she received.


That is all...LOL. The All Stars challenge was fun and it was a great segue into the new season which I hope to get into more deeply.

Hope everyone is enjoying it and as always, Auf Wiedersehn!!!


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